Chapter 481: A Slap

“I am just a regular cultivator, and don’t know any combat arts of the divine race.” With a wave of his hand, Lu Shenhou summoned the immortal sword buried before Qing Han. “However, just fragmented combat arts are sufficient enough to kill you.”


A black glow blossomed from Lu Shenhou’s body as inner energy rushed through him, unleashing the power of his peak returned void cultivation. A great vortex of energy from the land emerged over his head, rampaging through the air like a behemoth of a black dragon.

Expression grave, Qing Han opened her hand and activated the power of starstones once more. Silver starlight washed over her.

“Allow me,” said a familiar voice. Lu Yun treaded on air and stepped between Qing Han and Lu Shenhou. The disguised girl cracked a small smile, stepping back to give Lu Yun room.

“You’re here for Qing Han’s Scroll of Shepherding Immortals, aren’t you?” Lu Yun immediately saw through his opponent’s intentions.

Face impassive, Lu Shenhou raised his longsword at Lu Yun. He was indeed here for the scroll, but he couldn’t possibly admit that. 

“Let us finish what we started in the Sovereign Arena, Lu Yun,” Lu Shenhou responded calmly.

His words caused an instant uproar. The powerhouse that most couldn’t see back in the Sovereign Arena was Lu Shenhou?!

Members of the Lu Clan outside Dusk City were much more affected. They very much prefered Lu Shenhou over Lu Yun!

In their eyes, sole responsibility for the clan’s current ignoble straits rested squarely on Lu Yun’s shoulders. He was an outsider, while Lu Shenhou was a genius born and bred within the clan. To them, Dusk Province was more akin to a prison that kept the Lu Clan confined within.

“You really are still alive, senior brother… Did Lu Yun lie to us all?” Lu Qingshuang stared dumbly at Lu Shenhou, her gaze confused and conflicted. Her inner energy grew erratic as signs of a cultivation deviation appeared on her.

“Focus your mind and calm your breathing! Don’t think so much!” a stern voice commanded at the ears of Lu immortals and cultivators, snapping them out of their reverie. It was Lu Daoling, their ancestor!

Lu Qingshuang started and recovered herself.

“Ancestor!” called out the Lu immortals.

Lu Daoling entered Dusk City in the next moment. Lu Yun had anticipated there would be massive unrest among the Lu Clan once Lu Shenhou showed himself, which would cripple Dusk City. That was why he’d asked Lu Daoling to return earlier.

Only he could pacify the Lu Clan.

“Lu Daoling? Since you’ve kindly shown yourself, it’s time to die!” As soon as the Lu ancestor emerged, flashes of sword energy rushed at him from six different directions.

The attacks were too quick for the Lu members to react. Even Lu Daoling wouldn’t be able to escape the looming specter of his doom. The attackers were all void realm cultivators, and highly powerful ones at that. With his cultivation suppressed to the august immortal realm, Lu Daoling wouldn’t be able to resist the six void realm cultivators.

In no time at all, the six rays of sword light threatened to cut him down.

“Hah!” A sudden cry shot through the sky as an enormous pair of gold and silver wings burst out to shield Lu Daoling.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The six golden slashes exploded upon crashing into the wings and scattered as motes of light. A stunning figure stepped out from the void: Yue Longsha, genius of the Nephrite Major’s Yue Clan, and one of the Twin Stars of Xiankan.

Mo Yi had saved her from being kidnapped by a dao immortal in Xiankan, then she and Zhu Yan had both been sent to Dusk Province for protection. The two young women were now Mo Yi’s disciples.

The wings of light were the ones Lu Yun had earned in the auction held by the Panorama Pavilion, which he’d gifted to Qing Han. Qing Han had later given them to Yue Longsha, enabling her to bring this connate-grade treasure back to the world of immortals.

The Lunisolar Wings were a wondrous match for Yue Longsha’s constitution. Although she couldn’t yet tap into their full power, it was more than enough to deal with a few void realm cultivators.

More importantly, Yue Longsha was a born immortal. Like those in the Primordial Era, she’d never been hindered by an incomplete cultivation path. As long as she could find a flawless immortal dao combat art, she would be capable of unleashing great power.

After officially setting foot into this territory, although she hadn’t yet made up for her flawed cultivation method, she was much more powerful than other golden immortals. At the very least, she wouldn’t lose to void realm cultivators.

Twin piercing beams of silver and gold radiance shot out from the Lunisolar Wings, forcing the six void realm cultivators out from hiding.

“Die!” Yue Longsha’s gaze turned cold.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Terrifying radiance churned into the void realm cultivators like blades. Rather than divines, the six cultivators were human cultivators who’d fallen victim to soul planting. Leaving them alive wouldn’t do any good.


Outside Dusk City, Lu Yun was fighting Lu Shenhou.

Lu Shenhou was very strong, and his cultivation greater than Lu Yun’s by an entire realm. Back in the Sovereign Arena, Lu Yun hadn’t been able to fight him. But now that Lu Yun had ascended to the unravelled void realm, Lu Shenhou could no longer push him around with impunity.

“Why don’t you deploy the sword technique you used in the arena, Lu Yun?” Lu Shenhou fought Lu Yun with decided ease. The sword in his hand wasn’t the Sword of Chaos, but the power it unleashed had already blocked Lu Yun’s three sword techniques—Vast Dragon Seaturner, Peng of Kun, and Starstream Stroke.

Lu Shenhou seemed to be a better swordsman than Lu Yun.

“Are you so certain I’m him?” Lu Yun asked casually, sending out the Starstream Stroke to block Lu Shenhou’s attack.

“Of course you are!” exclaimed a clear voice from outside Dusk Province. 

Dusk’s neighboring Outré Province was more than ten thousand kilometers away from Dusk City, but that was nothing for immortals.

“I saw you when you and Qing Han—or should I say, Qing Yu—visited the Mo territory in Destiny City with Mo Chenfeng and revealed yourselves. Qing Han is Qing Yu, and you’re her Sidekick!” the Mo peerless immortal declared with great certainty. Since Lu Yun had already shown himself, there was no reason for him to keep hiding.

“It really is you two!” The dao immortals in the area finally realized why House Donglin was so sure that Qing Yu was Qing Han. They’d planted a spy in the Mo Clan!

“If I’m not mistaken, Lin Yu and Lin Xuan, the formation masters of the Lin Clan, are in Dusk Province too, aren’t they?”

The dao immortals scanned through the province and quickly found the brothers, confirming the Mo immortal’s speculation.

“You can’t talk your way out of this, Lu Yun. Qing Han!” Lu Shenhou’s lips curled into a cold smile as he collected his sword and stared at Lu Yun.


The crisp sound of a hand striking a face suddenly rang out. It was a definite slap across the face, one that hurled the Mo immortal backward.

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