Chapter 465: Something Alive

“If the Sacred Origin Runes are the Exalted Celestial Emperor’s doing, that means that he can visit this place too. We must act quickly!” Lu Yun immediately began setting up layouts when they arrived.

“I can restrain him even if he comes,” Mo Yi dismissed, watching Lu Yun busy himself.

“If you do that, his companions will see you as a threat and go after you, too, from now on.” After a few breaths of time, Lu Yun finished setting up another layout. Formless ripples spread across the area, but no visible changes could be observed.

Mo Yi paused. She’d refrained from intervening in conflicts thus far, and even allowed a measly empyrean immortal to threaten her in order to maintain the fragile order of the world of immortals. The only time she’d stepped into the spotlight was when she severed her cultivation and ascended to the void realm, a feat that’d been projected to the entire world by the Dao Flower. 

She’d never contemplated the possibility that someone might go after her. She knew only the simple life of cultivation and had never thought about fighting for anything with anyone.

“Do you know why Sword Divine attacked me?” Lu Yun said seriously. “He told me to stay out of his business in the Sovereign World, but then he set Qing Han up… so I stopped him. That made me his enemy.

“Do you think people will ignore you simply because you never clash with them? There are now more than a handful of people in the world who want something from you.”

Mo Yi fell silent.

“Here he is,” Lu Yun transmitted. The lit radius of sixty meters had expanded to a hundred and fifty meters.

The Exalted Celestial Emperor emerged from the dark. To Mo Yi’s surprise, there was an invisible figure behind the man, its four hands covering his eyes and ears with the man none the wiser. He made straight for a piece of rock and circled around it like he was possessed.

Mo Yi gave Lu Yun a questioning look.

“He’s too powerful, so I’m not sure how long I can keep him confused,” he transmitted in response. “Find the real Senior Human Demon. He was seriously injured in his fight with Scarlet Ape, so he must be sealed away somewhere.”

Mo Yi nodded. “Then you be careful.” She turned and left. 

Lu Yun had set up the layout of Ghost Hits Wall with the power of the Formation Orb of Yin and Yang, and the immortal ghost on Exalted Celestial Emperor’s back was a feng shui spirit created by the layout.

It was a kind of reverse evolution.

There were two kinds of Ghost Hits Wall. One was the feng shui layout born when certain conditions were met in an environment, thus fooling a living being’s senses and consciousness; the other happened when one was possessed by a yin spirit to the same effect.

The feng shui layout Lu Yun had set up was the first kind of Ghost Hits Wall, but it’d reached the greatest heights possible and given birth to a spirit, turning into the second type of Ghost Hits Wall. The spirit was combined with the layout itself, but the Formation Orb’s power was still required in order to fool the celestial emperor.

Nevertheless, Lu Yun didn’t dare look at the man. For someone at his level, he’d instantly sense any attention directed at him and come to his senses, breaking out of the hold of Ghost Hits Wall. 


The crimson hanging coffin stopped trembling, and the runes on its surface dimmed. Ge Long stood by its side, keeping a watchful eye on the darkness behind. Dangerous spirits and creatures would emerge from that direction every once in a while.

Lu Yun splayed his fingers and activated the realms of yin and yang, attempting to collect the coffin into hell.

“It’s not working,” he panted heavily. The coffin was one with the tomb. If he wanted to collect the coffin, he’d have to collect the entire tomb.

His gaze could scan only a hundred and fifty meters in any direction. There were things he noticed, but no signs of the extinction layout. As for the darkness… Lu Yun was certain the crimson eyes would kill him as soon as he set foot into it.

“Can you break the ancient runes, senior?” Lu Yun had to turn to Qi Hai.

“I can’t.” Qi Hai shook his head. “The runes are the dao runes of the only emperor of the divine race, and that which the entire race is oriented toward. Only descendants of the divine emperor or those who are more powerful than him can break the runes.”

Lu Yun started. “Do you mean the divine emperor is still alive?”

“He’s dead. They’re all dead.” Qi Hai shrugged like Lu Yun often did. “A great fight claimed the emperor and the other emperors in all the worlds. This is the resting place of the human emperor, where the last great emperor of the human race died. The same happened to the divine race—their emperor died in his resting place as well.

“There were only a handful of great emperors at the time, less than even the nine so-called celestial emperors.”

“They all died? Did something similar to the great war a hundred thousand years ago happen back then?” Lu Yun posed the questions instinctively.

He didn’t really know what kind of an existence the great emperors were; they were probably something like the present celestial emperors, or the immortal emperors in the Primordial Era. After all, a millionaire and a billionaire were no different in the eyes of a man who couldn’t keep himself fed.

“I don’t know, I didn’t exist back then,” Qi Hai answered with resignation. “And all things having to do with the great emperors have become taboo. If I hadn’t possessed some status in my clan, I wouldn’t know anything. No one knows what happened then.”

Lu Yun heaved out an exasperated sigh and looked around, searching for a solution.

“Wait, don’t move,” Qi Hai said suddenly. Lu Yun was confused, but did as he was told.

“Don’t turn around or sweep the area behind you with your consciousness,” Qi Hai sighed in relief when Lu Yun stopped moving and continued, “otherwise, you’ll die.”

“What’s behind me?”  Lu Yun’s hair stood on end.

“Ge Long!” he called out, but the old servant didn’t respond. His heart sank.


Hellfire burst from his body.

“Hellfire won’t work on it,” Qi Hai said apprehensively. “It’s alive.”

“What is it?” Nervousness began to catch up to him.

Without a word, Qi Hai emerged from hell and stood before Lu Yun, assuming the body of an Infernum to manifest himself. He looked at whatever was behind Lu Yun, and Lu Yun stared at the reflection in his eyes.

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