Chapter 431: The Owner of the Sword of Chaos

The ten lords, and most of their followers, were firmly trapped in Lu Yun’s layout of Ghost Hits Wall. The silverback gorilla remained in the layout to confuse them, while Lu Yun and the little nun quietly made their escape.

Naturally, Lu Yun didn’t seek Qing Han out.

The immortal light in the distance remained bright. With his Spectral Eye, Lu Yun could see Qing Han quietly reading a book, accompanied by the Silvermoon Wolfking. Sensing Lu Yun’s gaze, the disguised girl looked up and blinked.

A wry smile played across Lu Yun’s lips.

“Now what?” asked the little nun. She’d copied some of the ten lords’ combat arts into her nascent spirit while she’d watched them fight the silverback gorilla through the water screen, which greatly boosted her strength.

“We go raid some burial mounds, of course.” Lu Yun smiled at the mountainous mounds in the area.

Qing Han was right; what he needed was a solid foundation. He had to keep accumulating resources in order to achieve his goals. Although he’d raided the North Sea Palace and stolen House Donglin’s ancestral land, and was thus awash in great fortune and countless crystals, he still lacked resources.

His Envoys of Samsara were powerful, and he had a few dao immortals—even arcane dao immortals—serving him. However, that was nothing compared to what the major factions had accumulated over the past dozens of thousands of years.

It wasn’t just about wealth or bloodlines. Those factions had built up a system of heritage of their own. Even if they were destroyed one day, as long as their heritage remained, they stood a chance of recovering.

The Lu and Chen Clans were good examples.

They’d suffered serious blows and had nearly been wiped out, but they still possessed their heritage. They would be able to rebuild themselves, if provided a good environment. They had settled down in Dusk Province, but didn’t serve Lu Yun. It was a temporary arrangement prompted by their relationship with Lu Yun and Qing Han.

Once they recovered, they would certainly leave the province. The restriction against immortals made it so that Dusk would never be a good headquarters for the clans to develop.

Lu Yun needed his own people. While the Skandha Range and Star Demon Sect hailed Lu Yun as their master, they weren’t truly his to command. Their members didn’t respect Lu Yun, but merely followed the orders given by senior members of the factions. 

In the Sovereign World, or the central world of the world of immortals, the burial mounds housing ancient legacies were the perfect chance for him to build a foundation for himself. Each of the legacies would give him heritage and cultivation systems of his own, and wealth and resources were most essential if he was to build his own forces.

Over the next seven days, Lu Yun and the little nun wandered around the shrinking dark world, raiding burial mounds and unearthing their legacies.

The burial mounds were deadly dangerous, with countless monsters lurking within. Some of them had already been broken open, but the legacy remained since the cultivators couldn’t find the entrance. 

They were no challenge for Lu Yun, however.

In a week, Lu Yun had managed to acquire hundreds of ancient legacies. Most of them were left by genius origin dao immortals from the Primordial Era!

Green-eyed monsters firmly set in in all the immortals watching from Destiny City. He’d acquired more legacies than the ten lords combined! Meanwhile, the ten lords were still being led on a merry chase by the silverback gorilla, unable to escape the layout. Worse, they didn’t even know their surroundings were fake.

“Why isn’t he Lu Yun?!” An immortal seethed at Lu Yun’s spoils. “If he were Lu Yun, he wouldn’t be getting out of Destiny City alive!”

“If he were Lu Yun, both you and I would be running away!” snorted another immortal. “He’s slaughtered even origin dao immortals! If any of those old freaks dared make a move against him, nothing would stop him from turning Destiny City into a smoking crater. We can all die together then!”

The notion sent a collective shudder down their spines, reminded as they were of the terrifying weapons of war in Lu Yun’s possession, which could be used anywhere without tethering them to the underground veins. It only made sense that Lu Yun would have the weapons with him at all times.

If Lu Yun really had attended the Sovereign Meet, those old fogeys would’ve destroyed Jadeite Manor as soon as his consciousness had entered the other world.


Darkness continued inching upon the Sovereign World, slowly turning it into an empty void.

The burial mounds on the fringes had already been devoured by the emptiness. Lu Yun had once checked the edge of the darkness with his Spectral Eye, but couldn’t see anything except for an emptiness that reminded him of the depths of hell, which imparted him with a great sense of danger.

“Oh?” Lu Yun came to a stop when he was about to leave.

There was a divine in black in front of him, and none of the ten lords were of the divine race.

The divines had eliminated other cultivators outside the central world, but they’d been unusually quiet after arriving in the second round. In fact, Lu Yun hadn’t seen any of them over the past month.

Now, however, one of them had come to him.

He hovered quietly in the air, his figure burly, his arms long and strong. Lu Yun couldn’t get a good look at him, as if he were but a lingering shade. His presence was more than ten times stronger than that of the ten lords, a returned void cultivator!

“No wonder I haven’t seen any divines around,” Lu Yun said. “You killed all of them.”


A dark cyan sword manifested in the divine’s hand, pointed at Lu Yun.

Lu Yun’s pupils contracted violently. The Sword of Chaos! He was certain the man was holding the legendary sword of the divine race!

He’d guessed correctly that the owner of the Sword of Chaos had come to the Sovereign Meet as well, but he hadn’t expected the divine to seek him out before the third round of the competition. This also meant he knew who Lu Yun was.

“It’s you guys.” Lu Yun’s expression darkened.

Three figures had suddenly appeared to surround Lu Yun from three other directions: Wu Tulong, Mo Qitian, and Zi Chen!

The three of them had thrown themselves under the banner of the Human Lord, but they hadn’t followed him to the burial mound. Instead, here they were, emanating the presence of returned void cultivators!

Lu Yun’s chest tightened. The three dao sovereigns of the Dao Flower had been enthralled by the wielder of the Sword of Chaos and turned into divines!

“Are you guys...” Lu Yun inhaled deeply, staring at Wu Tulong. “Are you alive or dead?” He couldn’t tell even with his Spectral Eye!

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