Chapter 373: The Shaman and the Blood Qilin

The minor world created by the intersection between dragon and phoenix nests was filled with a tremendous amount of death-related information. Clearly, Lu Yun wasn’t the first person to set foot in here. Everyone who had done so before him, however, was dead. Among that number were plenty of dao immortals, including some at origin dao.

Because there were no tombs here, he forced himself to reframe his analysis in a different way. What about the feng shui here?

Just like outside, there too existed a fire and water layout here. The mixture of the two elements had engendered a kind of power of creation, from which the two-headed zombies had sprung.

However, the other end of the layout held a grand sealing formation!

Within the two formation nexus sat the Skydragon and Skyphoenix pearls. The formation bore the momentous responsibility of sealing whatever horror Lu Yun and the others had sensed.

If he took away the pearls, the horror would be instantly released.

After a moment of hesitation, Lu Yun opened his fingers around a black orb that rose into the air.

The Yin Formation Orb.

“I’d like to see exactly what’s under the seal first. The formation is powerful, but it’s no match for the Formation Orb. 

“Block the entrance, Situ. Blast whoever dares trespass into smithereens.” Lu Yun loaded ten billion immortal crystals into the cannon with the wave of a hand, then released his control over the weapon.

“Yes, sir!” Situ Zong glowed with eagerness and noticed a newfound connection between the cannon and himself. The young sect head had made a present of it to him.    

Shaking all over with anticipation, he annihilated the dozen zombies as fast as he could before heading back to the entrance. After pointing the cannon’s barrel squarely at the outside world, he took a watchful stance as a gate guard.

Under the light of the Yin Formation Orb, everything about the sealing formation was laid bare. Lu Yun traced the structured lines of the formation in wide strides. The Path of Ingress appeared beneath his feet, slowly taking him into its depths.

“What a mess. This is more complicated than the Witherdew Emperor’s Blithe Entrapment Formation… there’s at least ten thousand formations here.” He was taking in as much as he could as he moved.

This grand sealing formation was made up of more than ten thousand individual sealing formations. Layer upon layer of restrictive bindings seemed to amplify each other in waves. In this way, the formation had become more than the sum of its parts.

The Formation Orb and the Path of Ingress were proving invaluable in helping Lu Yun plumb the depths of this formation. He would’ve had an extremely difficult time finding his way without them.

“Wait a sec… that’s a... planet.” Perking up with the discovery, he peered deeply at a deep blue planet that floated at the center of the formation like a marble. The formation’s power pressed down upon it relentlessly in a myriad of layers.

A planet….

After obtaining so many Envoys of Samsara, Lu Yun had learned the truth behind the world of immortals. Su Xiaoxiao had made some of the greatest contributions to completing the puzzle.

This world that he’d transmigrated to wasn’t just any regular heavenly body. Among the many worlds of the universe, the world of immortals was one of the greatest and realest worlds of them all.

It was the heart of the multiverse.

Besides the world of immortals, countless other great worlds existed. Of course, the stars in this world’s sky carried their own life-bearing planets. The planet before him—one that in fact resembled Earth very much—was one that could have borne life. And yet no signs of such life were found there.    

“This planet is the core of the formation. What the heck is under the seal that it needs an entire planet with the power of a world…?” Furrowing his brow in worry, Lu Yun strode deliberately toward the planet.

Suddenly, he paused his footsteps on account of someone he saw outside the planet: a black-haired girl in a black robe, perhaps fourteen or fifteen years old, quietly seated upon a crimson mass.

Her face was deathly pale and her eyes screwed firmly shut. She held a long spear in one hand, the pointy end of which was stuck between the eyes of the monstrous mass below. In this way, the monster was nailed at the edge of the sealing formation’s core.

Evidently, the girl in black had died as a part of the effort.

“Xing Zi. Daughter of the shaman king of the Star Shaman Tribe. ...a member of the shamanic race!” Lu Yun was shocked out of his Spectral Eye by the girl’s identity.    

The shamans.

In the ancient times, that race had captured several dao immortal dragons and refined them into corpse coffins. They’d rebuffed the dragons’ attempts at revenge and defied even the immortal emperor in the process.

They were mysterious, powerful, and terrifying. Even Empress Myrtlestar couldn’t fully explain what they were. Eighty thousand years ago, they had reappeared to refine the divine Jixiang Yueshen into a corpse coffin, in which they interred her friend, Wushen Ruyi.

To see the corpse of a shaman girl here was really something else. Moreover, she had slain a huge monster like that, with a single spear, outside the formation’s core.

“This crimson monster, then….” He glanced at the pierced mass. “A blood qilin.” The corner of his eye twitched.

Much like a blood phoenix, this was a demon that combined life and layout into a single being, and its appearance always heralded cataclysm and war.

“This blood qilin has already eaten who it was in its previous life. It’s complete. It’s not like Huangqing and Aoxue….” Lu Yun couldn’t turn the blood qilin into another envoy.

He’d succeeded with the blood dragon and blood phoenix by reviving their previous incarnations. Then, the newborn envoy could consume their blood form.

However, the blood qilin before him had already fused with its previous incarnation. It was a perfect specimen, a completed demon of blood. At present, Lu Yun lacked the ability to take an existence like that as an envoy.

“Well, I’m fine with settling for the girl who killed it.” The young man turned to the little girl above the qilin’s head.

Although the blood qilin had doubtless been incredibly potent—it was unquestionably stronger than the old Huang Qing and Ao Xue—it had died at the hands of this Xing Zi girl.

It was very likely that the shaman girl had been greater still.

“I should keep the blood qilin’s corpse, too. It’s an undying demon. The only reason it’s not absorbing life energy from its surroundings is because of the sealing formation. That’ll definitely change once the formation collapses.

“Come!” Lu Yun opened the Gates of the Abyss, which sucked in the blood qilin and shaman girl both.

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!!! A shaman!! Holy, we are about to get some answers for the first really confusing tomb in NECRO. (recap here) least, I hope. Xing Zi might've been too young to know everything about her tribe, and it could've been another tribe of shamans who did the deed with Yueshen and Ruyi.