Chapter 361.2: Sect Head

Receiving word of the latest developments in the world from their subordinates, Tuoba Jie and Donglin E stared at Lu Yun in incomprehension. What was going on here? As soon as Lu Yun declared the Star Demon Sect to be his, the sect confirmed him as its head!

Is he a bastard son of those five old freaks, or a disciple the five of them have raised together?

Tuoba Jie was deep in thought.

Donglin E brooded, his eyes shifting rapidly back and forth.

“The Star Demon Sect must be trying to gain a foothold in Dusk Province,” he scoffed. He wasn’t the only one to come to the conclusion; this was the pet theory that Tuoba Jie had settled on as well.

“Then let them,” Lu Yun said with a casual expression, but he glanced at the Fire Parasol Tree every once in a while. “There’s only a handful of people in Dusk, so I’m in great need of manpower.”

Most of Lu Yun’s subordinates were Envoys of Samsara or Infernum. Dusk Province might be the sacred land of immortal dao, but to his followers, it was no match for hell. If Lu Yun hadn’t ordered Yuying to govern the province for him, she would’ve long ago returned to hell to cultivate.

Dusk Province needed more people!

If the Star Demon Sect was willing to settle down in the province, Lu Yun would immediately leave all governing responsibilities to them and happily step back to be nothing more than a figurehead.

He’d never wanted anything from Dusk Province, other than to use it to promote his tomb raiding sect. It would save him a lot of time and effort if he could transform the Star Demon Sect into his instead.

Lu Yun greatly valued his freedom, and didn’t want to be tied down by any sort of obligations he hadn’t chosen for himself.

“Alright!” He shot to his feet and patted imaginary dust off his clothes. Then, he took a step to the side and completely shielded Qing Han. Many appeared to have Lu Yun in their sights, but their attention was actually on Qing Han, the youth Dao Sovereign appointed by the Dao Flower itself.

Qing Yunhe and Canghai Chengfeng exchanged a bewildered look; their disoriented minds couldn’t grasp how things had panned out. When did Lu Yun even become the head of the Star Demon Sect?

“As head of the Star Demon Sect,” Lu Yun pointed at himself, “I have certain status and authority. As for real strength....”

He glanced at Situ Zong, who quickly straightened his back and aimed the cannon at the two immortals in the sky.

“Do I have the right to hold a conversation with you two now?” Lu Yun asked, craning his neck at the two men.

“Right?” Donglin E sneered. “You’re nothing but an ant that I can crush with a simple step.”

“Oh?” Seventeen figures emerged next to Lu Yun again. There were still eighteen cannons resting on their shoulders.

“The taboo treasures you’ve refined to imitate weapons of war were pushed to the limit earlier,” snorted Donglin E. “They can’t be used again.” His lips froze mid-curl.

Eighteen cannons had lit up at the same time, gathering terrifying immortal energy that pulsed with an equally frightening aura.

“Get the hell out of here with your people. Or you may kill me now, but end up severely injured by my weapons and breathing your last here in the dragon tomb.” Lu Yun’s expression was defiant as he tipped his head up. “Even if you’re so lucky as to escape the tomb, my clan’s ancestor and the Star Demon Sect will be waiting for you.”


Donglin E broke out into a cold sweat—he couldn’t take the bet. These taboo treasures might not be able to kill him, but they could severely injure him, which was as good as being dead here in the dragon tomb.

That was why Beigong Xuan had run off earlier. And now, it was his turn. He threw another glance at the nearby Fire Parasol Tree with frustration in his eyes.

“Let’s go!” He swept the Donglin immortals to him and left, a cold smile playing on his lips.

“You have a vicious enough style!” Tuoba Jie approved, then was promptly aghast to see the eighteen cannons swivel toward him. He collected the scroll of the Blithe Entrapment Formation without another word and left with the immortals of the Witherdew court.

All three heavyweights had left with their factions, immediately halving the number of immortals present.

“I don’t really want to go on a killing spree, so all of you must leave.” Black flames ignited in Lu Yun’s eyes.

Seeing even the Witherdew celestial emperor driven away, the remaining immortals were too intimidated to stick around. They might covet treasure, but not at the price of their lives.

Once the last of them made their escape, a pale Lu Yun turned to shout at the immortals he’d saved earlier, “Now, you too! Piss off out of here, now!!”

Finally, someone felt that something was wrong.

“Has something happened?” Xiangliu Ting asked worriedly.

“Get out!!” Lu Yun growled like a wounded animal. “Or you’ll all die! Go!”

Xiangliu Ting and the other immortals tensed. They could tell from Lu Yun’s tone that he wasn’t threatening them with death. Something terrible here wanted them dead!

Lu Yun’s now completely pitch-black eyes stared fixedly at the Fire Parasol Tree. “Qing Yunhe, Canghai Chengfeng, get out of here if you don’t want to die!” The cannons aimed at where the two men were hiding.

They smiled wryly and took their leave.

“Qing Han...” Lu Yun’s voice softened.

“I’m not leaving.” Qing Han shook his head with a strange smile. “If you die, I’ll have the world of immortals and all of the other worlds be your burial goods.”

If Lu Yun died, he would follow Lu Yun. The curse in his body would come into effect then, and countless living beings would die as a result!

“I’m not going, either,” Situ Zong said with great determination, punting Situ Yun out of the area. “If I die, I will do it protecting the sect head.”

Some immortals hadn’t gone far, staying in the vicinity of the clearing to observe the situation. Lu Yun’s expression finally made them realize that something was wrong.

“Isolate this place with the Blithe Entrapment Formation,” Lu Yun muttered, his head lowered.

Tuoba Jie, having doubled back to hide in the shadows, manifested the formation scroll he’d put away before. It slowly unfurled to isolate the clearing.

“What has he discovered?” murmured the celestial emperor, whose plans had been to surreptitiously sneak off with the Fire Parasol Tree should an opportunity present itself.

“Stay there and don’t move. Not a single muscle. There’s hope as long as you survive. If you die, we’re all doomed.” There was a slight tremor to Lu Yun’s voice as he advised his friend.

Qing Han opened his mouth but didn’t say anything, his gaze fixed on the luopan suddenly appearing in Lu Yun’s hand. All three of the indicators pointed to the Fire Parasol Tree, and bloody characters surfaced the fortune-telling second layer of the compass: Great Evil.

Before Qing Han could say anything, Lu Yun turned around and approached the tree.

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