Chapter 339: Dragon Nest

It was impossible to budge!

Even shrunken down to the size of a human palm, the dragon palace didn’t shift a single inch, no matter how firmly Lu Yun yanked.

His Size Manipulation Formation was operating at full strength. It not only decreased the palace’s size, but also reduced the weight and energy within a hundredfold. After all, the formation was made from thirty-six thousand and five hundred Size Manipulation Talismans. 

True to its reputation, this palace was indeed far from ordinary.


The realms of yin and yang rumbled into action at Lu Yun’s roar. Power from the netherworld encased the miniature dragon palace and dragged it inexorably forward, but still stopped short of its goal.

“Still not enough eh? Combust!”

Not even the twin realms of yin and yang could force it inside the Gates of the Abyss!

Without wasting a second, Lu Yun ignited a goodwill fruit and unleashed the full might of the realms of yin and yang. They engulfed the palace in a terrifying suction force and dragged it into the netherworld.


The palace recovered its normal size the moment it entered the Gates of the Abyss, and the energy of death immediately infiltrated its halls and killed every single living being inside. Those who passed away in hell turned into Infernum all on their own; Lu Yun didn’t need to lift a finger. 

“We’re leaving, right now!” Without wasting time to inspect the treasures stashed inside the palace, the governor took Qing Han and Su Xiaoxiao by the hands and left at once. 

An empty defensive formation was the only thing left of the monumental palace. In front of it, there was even a plaque that read ‘North Sea, Home of Worms’ nailed to it. Henceforth, the North Sea’s ruling dynasty would be synonymous with fools and buffoons in the world of immortals.


“We did it, we actually did it!” Flushed with the heat of excitement, Qing Han’s eyes gleamed vividly. “To think we’d really… hehehe!”

Of course, he didn’t spell it out loud. They were still in the North Sea, and plenty of fish and plankton roamed the waters. Every one of them could turn into a spy at a moment’s notice.

“Yeah, we did it! And now we head to the skydragon tomb.” His expression as serene as still water, Lu Yun didn’t express too much excitement.

For him, taking the palace away was merely a means to strike a blow at the monster spirit court and distract them so much that they wouldn’t have the energy to deal with him. He would also never release the palace out of the netherworld ever again.

Beigong Xuan had certainly left backup measures inside the palace. If it were ever to exit the netherworld, the monster emperor would undoubtedly swoop down in the next second—an ability the North Sea dragon kings of the past had also possessed. The current Lu Yun didn’t know how to disable those measures just yet.

In any case, the Skydragon Pearl inside the skydragon tomb was his original goal for this journey!


It’d been more than a month since the emergence of the skydragon tomb. Too many had died or been injured inside, and even three dao immortals had fallen.

On the other hand, there truly was a boundless supply of treasures inside the tomb. All kinds of items long lost to the world had surfaced one after another, to say nothing of fragments of ancient sites. The heightened fervor incited countless immortals to join the treasure hunt, and within a short month, more than ten thousand people had charged into the tomb.

In this current age, immortals were very used to these tombs.

Every single one of them was equivalent to tremendous opportunity and fortune. In fact, the species and clans reigning at the top of the world of immortals, the dynasties ruling the nine majors, and the masters of the ten lands had all come to power thanks to these ancient tombs.

As for death?

Many immortals saw death inside an ancient tomb as their final destination. In the last eighty millennia, more than half of them had fallen during the course of tomb explorations. So, while this dragon tomb wasn’t as safe as it was first rumored to be, that still didn’t stop immortals from pouring inside.


“What am I seeing? Did two spirit realm cultivators really just head inside?” On watch outside, a golden immortal human couldn’t help but gawk after seeing Qing Han and Lu Yun enter the tomb. 

“That’s a skydragon tomb that exceeds dao-grade, for crying out loud. It might be safer than most, but it’s still not a place cultivators should get involved in…”

“You... didn’t recognize them?” Another golden immortal looked at him in astonishment.

“Those two may be cultivators, but one is Lu Yun and the other is Qing Han!” solemnly explained a third. “Both of them are protected by dao immortal powerhouses. On Immortal Sky Island, one of Lu Yun’s dao immortals stepped on the number one Ling genius, Ling Ruyu, and smashed him flat!”

“You’re right, it really is the two of them!” The golden immortal’s eyes lit up. “The Ling Clan almost turned the North Sea upside down in their search for Lu Yun, yet here they are!”

“Don’t tell me, are you thinking of….” The other immortal blinked.

“Lu Yun refined treasures for ten days straight on Immortal Sky Island and earned the gratitude of many people. But I, Qiu Jiuling, didn’t gain anything from him, so no one can fault me for providing the Ling Clan with his whereabouts.” Desire flashed through Qiu Jiuling’s face. “I’m only half a step away from the arcane immortal realm, and the reward the Ling Clan is offering is a dao-grade item!”

Lu Yun and Qing Han strutting into the Skydragon Tomb in broad daylight had naturally attracted the attention of many.

Back on Immortal Sky Island, Xue Daozi had almost uprooted the Ling Clan’s foundations by crushing Ling Ruyu underfoot. In return, the clan had mobilized en masse to scour the North Sea and capture the young man.

However, Lu Yun had altered his looks beyond recognition. The Lings wouldn’t have recognized him even if he were standing right in front of them.

Hence, for lack of better options, the clan could only offer a bounty for information on Lu Yun’s movements. Their fleet of fortress ships was already stationed at the border of Dusk Province, ready to attack the province the moment Lu Yun was taken.

Now that many had seen Lu Yun enter the tomb, more than one person thought of informing the Ling Clan. After all, not everyone had benefited from him on Immortal Sky Island.

In next to no time, the Ling powerhouses abandoned their search in the North Sea and rushed toward the tomb.

However, another piece of information then struck the cultivators in the North Sea speechless: the monster palace had disappeared. This was so monumental that they simply felt a complete absence of emotion.

However, the formation guarding the palace was still there. Clearly, someone had moved the dragon palace that’d been in place in the North Sea since time immemorial. It was the most brutal blow that could be delivered to the North Sea’s rulers.


“This… is unexpected. The tomb’s actually a dragon nest.” Inside the tomb, Lu Yun looked incredulously at its layout.

A dragon nest!

There was a feng shui layout on the level of a grand influence called the Homecoming of the Dragon Horde. However, in Lu Yun’s eyes, the dragon nest in front of him wasn’t a feng shui layout, but the blueprint in which those layouts were based on—a genuine dragon nest!

It was similar to how the Enneawyrm Coffinbearers inside hell served as the basis of every Enneawyrm Coffinbearer layout throughout the worlds.

A lair of dragons, where the dragon race had been born.

“This place isn’t a dragon tomb, but a dragon nest! However, the energy of death is really thick here. Someone must have reshaped it into a tomb… they wanted to sever the fortunes of all dragons!” Lu Yun murmured as he took everything in. “It’s not fully at the level of a Skandha Extinction Tomb, but the difference is negligible. Unless I’m mistaken, the ancestor of dragons should be buried here.”

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