Chapter 328.2: Divvying Up the Spoils

“We’re all brothers here, so let’s skip the formalities.” Lu Yun waved a hand. “I want crystals and materials for pills, treasures, talismans, and formations! I have no use for anything else.”

If the six princes hadn’t previously loaned him billions of crystals, he wouldn’t have been able to so easily deal with the emperor’s replica. At the same time, the replica would’ve kept them all there until Bing Xuan returned, then none of them would’ve escaped.

“Senior brother Lu is right! We’re brothers, so what’s mine is yours!” Hearty laughter broke out. 

Their transgression this time was on par with punching a hole in the sky—utterly ludicrous and overboard! The North Sea court would be their enemy until the end of time as a result. If their true identities were ever found out, retribution would descend upon Dusk Province and the six troublemakers’ factions.

The monster spirit court wouldn’t be their only problem; Ingress Island and the Dark North Sword Sect would retaliate as well! They were comrades in arms, their fates closely intertwined.

Setting concerns aside, they moved the premium materials and various crystals from their World Chests to storage treasures and handed them to Lu Yun.

He took their gifts without hesitation and swapped them the other treasures, finished pills, talismans, and formation disks.

“A connate-grade treasure!” Jing Dichen’s expression shifted when she picked up a mirror-like treasure.

There had been no connate-grade treasures in the outer vault; they’d all been stashed in the inner vault.

“Connate-grade treasures are too valuable, senior brother Lu. You....” Flustered, she refused the item, but Lu Yun insisted on giving the six troublemakers seven of the connate-grade treasures.

“I know you all have a World Chest each. With its power, you’ll be able to activate these connate-grade treasures.” He shook his head sternly. “Chaotic times are descending upon the world. All six of you possess special bloodlines, which paints a target on your backs. You’ll need these to defend yourselves!”

“But there’s seven of them....”

“Your little sister is coming back to life soon. Consider this a homecoming gift.” He flashed an easy grin.

Despite that, the profligates still wanted to turn him down, but they couldn’t find a good reason to.

Meanwhile, Beigong Chonglou was on the verge of heartbroken tears. There had been nine connate-grade treasures in the inner vault, which had served as Beigong Xuan’s trump cards. They were meant to form the bulk of the firepower needed to reinforce the court’s dominance when the North Sea conquered all bodies of water in the world.

Who would’ve thought that Lu Yun would rob them clean like this?

“Besides, I still have two more.” Lu Yun displayed a black silk dress with a flourish, as well as a dusky, grey orb. “The dress is for Qing Yu,” he chuckled. “The orb is yours, Qing Han. It’s a treasure for both offense and defense. Use it to protect yourself!”

“Tsk, I thought you’ve forgotten about my sister.” Qing Han happily accepted the treasures and tucked them away.

“Strange,” Lu Yun said hesitantly, cocking his head. “Why do I feel like Qing Yu is always with me?”

Qing Han wisely shut his mouth and avoided further ribbing.

“Wait… a second… the North Sea Court really has been hiding its true capabilities!” Lin Yan exclaimed suddenly. “When it comes to premium immortal crystals, there are more than a trillion of them alone!”

One. trillion. immortal. crystals!

That was a staggering sum of wealth!

Even factions that were known for their wealth, such as the East Sea court or the dragon palaces of the four seas, couldn’t bring out so many crystals all at once.

“Moreover, the treasures and materials we found are far more valuable than the crystals,” Jing Dichen said in a trembling voice. “Dao immortal treasures that can be considered ultimate clan treasures alone amount to more than a hundred....”

Once the thrill of raiding the treasury and exacting revenge had receded, their heads cleared and an overwhelmed buzz set in, instead.

This was too incredible a fortune—one so large that it intimidated them.

Frowning, Lu Yun smacked Tranquility Talismans onto the six troublemakers and their peerless immortal bodyguards, calming them down.

“I have another trillion here. The North Sea court is much more than it seems!” Lu Yun took the storage treasure filled with immortal crystals from Lin Yan, his tone grave. “The North Sea emperor also possessed Divine Seaward Iron. It seems obvious that he would one day send his troops against all four cardinal seas and even move upon the four immortal seas! He is much more ambitious than we reckoned.”

The others nodded and took inventory of what they’d gained, freely handing over what they didn’t want or what their friends needed.

There were many treasures in the North Sea treasury, and the emperor’s replica had personally defended it with Divine Seaward Iron. The place should’ve been impenetrable, even if an immortal emperor were to come in the flesh.

However, court elites had left the palace for the opening of the skydragon tomb—the event was imperative for their future rise to power. Then there was Aoxue, princess of the previous dynasty, and the replica weapon of war in Lu Yun’s possession. Those factors combined had made the raid possible.

“So what’s a little wealth? Why do you look like you’ve brought about the end of the world?” Su Xiaoxiao tittered merrily when she saw the troublemakers’ expressions. “The connate-grade treasures in your hands are priceless items, the value of which can’t be quantified in immortal crystals.”

“Um....” They stared dumbly at her.

“Oh? What’s this?” Eyebrow arched, she picked up a green seed from the pile of treasures on the floor. “It’s the seed of a Violet Orchid Fruit!” She exclaimed and hastily tucked it away.

“Violet Orchid Fruit? The fruit that can be used to brew Violet Orchid Wine?” Lu Yun’s eyes lit up.

This supreme immortal fruit hailed from the ancient times. The liquor of the immortal court at the time had been diluted Violet Orchid Wine. To the envoy’s knowledge, one such fruit could yield six thousand kilograms of Violet Orchid Wine, and a drop of the wine could be diluted to yield six thousand kilograms of imperial liquor!

This immortal wine could reinforce one’s cultivation foundation and strengthen their inner energy. It’d been the most supreme alcoholic libation of the ancient immortal world.

“Can you bring it back to life?” Lu Yun asked hurriedly.

“I can!” A confident smile tugged at her lips. “I’ll have these flowers blooming all over Dusk Province!”

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