Chapter 284.2: State Your Name

Lu Yun felt not one iota of remorse. Miao’s faction had been young and weak, consisting of a couple monster spirits in her palace and a group of toll-levying bandits. If it weren’t for her powerful illusions keeping other immortals at bay, her palace would’ve been overrun long ago.

“Enough about your palace.” He cast her an unimpressed look. “Who do you think I’m raiding this tomb for? I have better things to do.”

The little fox embarrassedly lowered her head and didn’t respond.

“Since the Draggin’ Prince has granted us permission, we’ll first check out the market, then enter the tomb.” Lu Yun quickly made the decision.

The prince couldn’t hear him, but he kept talking about joining Lu Yun in raiding their ancestor’s tomb. Lu Yun couldn’t find an excuse to turn him down; after all, this was the Deaf Prince’s territory.


The rest of the night passed quietly.

The next day, Lu Yun and the others made their way to Myriad Returns City. Levitating Island’s biggest city was located at the heart of the floating island and was jointly governed by the three leading factions of the North Sea—the North Sea monster court, Dark North Sword Sect, and Ingress Island.

Among them, the North Sea court was the foremost faction and had established a sprawling dynasty over the North Sea, while the Dark North Sword Sect and Ingress Island remained independent and outside the court’s jurisdiction. Those two were extremely powerful and influential as well.

Myriad Returns City was co-ruled by the three factions, making it the political center of Levitating Island. Although the island wasn’t particularly wealthy, it still had something to do with the fabled sacred land, and tomb, of the monster spirit ancestor. Moreover, the island was a gateway into the North Sea and was located at a strategically significant maritime choke point.

Unusually luxurious, the Deaf Prince’s carriage was as large as a small city and extravagantly adorned with gold and shining immortal treasures. It was more lavish than even Lu Yun’s fortress ship. Pulling the carriage were nine dragon-horses, which were all golden immortals!

Golden immortals were considered the royalty of the world of immortals, to be treated with respect no matter where they went, and they might make their way to becoming a local overlord. However, the Deaf Prince had nine of them pulling his carriage! What utter extravagance!

According to him, these dragon-horses were rides the East Sea court raised for this one purpose. Lu Yun clucked his tongue in astonishment and hurriedly declined when the prince offered to gift him a couple such dragon-horses. Although they were speedy, they didn’t know how to suppress their cultivation. Once they entered Dusk Province, they’d only be slaughtered by the restriction.



Dark clouds gathered in the sky, isolating the area. An enormous skeletal fortress ship broke through the air, heralded by thunderous rumbles. Standing at the bow was Jiangchen Wushang, clothes fluttering in the wind with dramatic flair and a dao immortal zombie by his side.

“I didn’t expect you to latch on to the East Sea monster spirits’ thigh, Lu Yun!” Jiangchen Wushang called out in a cold voice. The Deaf Prince had only just entered the world, so most didn’t know much about him, other than that he was the third prince of the East Sea Court.

Still, Jiangchen Wushang recognized the insignia of the East Sea monster spirits on the carriage. Well, this wasn't so powerful a faction that the Corpse Refiners couldn’t afford to offend them.

“What kind of lowly scum dares obstruct this prince’s way?!” The Deaf Prince strode out of his carriage with a flourish. His purple-gold long robe accentuated his tall and wide frame, imbuing him with an imposing presence. His piercing eyes settled on the skeletal fortress ship.

“It’s the Corpse Refiners, Your Highness,” the peerless immortal accompanying the prince transmitted with a wary look.

“Corpse Refiners? Never heard of them.” There was no insult in the Deaf Prince’s customary sonorous voice, he’d just really never heard of the Corpse Refiners before. Not to mention, well, he couldn’t actually hear.

Scowling, Jiangchen Wushang announced, “The Corpse Refiners have no intention of making enemies out of the East Sea monster spirits. You simply need to trade Lu Yun for your freedom. If you don’t… you’ll all die in the Great Formation of Corpse Refinement!”

Jiangchen Wushang’s formation was no match for Jin Heyi’s, but the extravagant carriage in front of him was manned by only a few maids and a peerless immortal. The skeletal ship could easily crush them and refine them all into zombies.

“What kind of faction is the Corpse Refiners?” the Deaf Prince muttered to himself, not hearing a word from Jiangchen Wushang. “I’ve never even heard of the name before!”

“Surrender Lu Yun!” Jiangchen Wushang boomed again, reluctant to make the East Sea monster spirits his enemies.

“State your name, disciple of Corpse Refiners,” announced the Deaf Prince. “This prince doesn’t kill nameless men!”

“The prince?” Jiangchen Wushang’s face tightened. East Sea royalty was another matter entirely—the Corpse Refiners may not fear them, but the Jiangchen Clan did.

So Lu Yun’s gotten involved with a prince of the East Sea monster spirits, but that’s fine. Donglin Shaohui carries the Qing treasure called Spirit Light. We’ll just shift the blame to the Qing Clan!

“This seat is proud of who I am and never hides behind a pseudonym,” said Jiangchen Wushang. “I am Qing Yunhe of the Qing Clan in Nephrite Major, now a disciple of the Corpse Refiners!”

“Pfft!” Qing Han spat his tea all over Lu Yun’s face. “Qing… Qing Yunhe?” His face twisted in befuddlement.

Qing Yunhe was his second brother and a man of few desires. He never involved himself in any conflict, and instead, conducted himself more like a mortal scholar who perused a wealth of books.

Lu Yun wiped his face clean with a wry smile. “The East Sea spirit monsters rarely enter the continent, so they can’t differentiate between the Jiangchen Clan and the Qing Clan.”

“Introduce yourself, fiend!” shouted the Deaf Prince.

“I am Qing Yunhe of the Qing Clan!” repeated Jiangchen Wushang.

“Do you think too little of this prince?! Why don’t you introduce yourself?”

“Qing Yunhe of the Qing Clan!” Veins popped out on Jiangchen Wushang’s forehead.

“This prince never attacks nameless vermin!” The prince’s voice grew even louder.

“I’m… Qing Yunhe!” Jiangchen Wushang’s confidence crumbled. Had the prince seen through him?

“State your name, vermin!” The Deaf Prince’s rage was building. It was his first time ever facing an enemy, and it was quite an exhilarating experience. He, too, wanted to defeat famous geniuses to prove himself, like his idol, Lu Yun. However, the man kept moving his mouth without saying anything.

“I am Jiangchen Wushang of the Corpse Refiners!” Jiangchen Wushang snapped out.

“Since you refuse to introduce yourself, vermin,” snarled the Deaf Prince, “I’ll beat you up until you do!”

Jiangchen Wushang felt an urge to cry. The prince must be doing this on purpose!

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