Chapter 1080: Quiet

If there was anyone who Lu Yun could trust in this realm apart from Qing Yu, Ge Long, and a few others, that would be Fuxi and Wahuang. The latter would be hailed as Holy Emperor Wahuang in the future, savior of humanity in many times of crisis.

In the hearts of many, Fuxi and Wahuang were the symbols of their faith; Lu Yun was no exception. Even though he was the headmaster of the Dao Academy in the world of immortals and an existence worshipped by the beings of a realm himself, he’d always viewed himself as an ordinary human being.

The Wahuang in front of him was the real Wahuang. Whether it was feedback from the Tome of Life and Death, close inspection by the Spectral Eye, or the tiny strand of soul force in the sea of Hell Flowers—all confirmed that she was the prim and proper, and equally mischievous young girl from Mount Buzhou of the great wilderness.

She wasn’t the least bit surprised that Lu Yun could materialize the forms of the boxing methods upon his first exposure to the Myriad Inception Fist. He’d refined six chaos stars and possessed all six powers of the sacred palaces. She knew full well that he was a pawn with which the nine sacred lands wanted to destroy the worlds with.

The highest laws found within the chaos stars of the six dao palaces were the most fundamental orders of the chaos. Sharing the same root as the six sacred palaces, any who could refine all six highest orders of law would naturally be able to digest the Myriad Inception Fist.

However, no one had been able to refine all six orders since the dawn of existence; Lu Yun was the first. Wahuang had been aware of his situation the moment he turned himself into a sacred clan member and deployed the power of inception, which was why she’d decided to teach him the Myriad Inception Fist.


“Is this the highest art of the chaos?” Lu Yun breathed out heavily and slowly opened his eyes. He found that after practicing the Myriad Inception Fist, many cultivation questions that’d blocked his progress had resolved themselves.

“No.” Wahuang shook her head. “The highest art of the chaos is the Dragonquake Scripture of the chaos dragons.”

“The Dragonquake Scripture?” Lu Yun stretched out his hand and condensed his knowledge of the Dragonquake Scripture, handing a ball of light to Wahuang.

She regarded it solemnly after receiving it, then gently crushed the ball into nothingness. She’d refused the gift.

“Why?” Lu Yun didn’t understand this decision. Qiu Luoyu hadn’t asked him for it before, and now Wahuang destroyed it after obtaining it.

“It’s not necessarily a good thing for the sacred palace to possess the Dragonquake Scripture.” Wahuang shook her head. “The current descendants of the chaos dragons are violent and cruel. They once slaughtered an entire world made of pure chaos currents in a senseless rampage. As the ultimate combat art of the chaos dragons, the Dragonquake Scripture will undoubtedly end up in their hands after it returns to Inception Palace. Once that occurs, we will no longer be able to restrain them.”

Lu Yun blinked, finally understanding why Leize allowed the three-eyed man to kill a sovereign of the chaos dragons after learning of the three-eyed man’s existence.

The current chaos dragons, or rather their descendants, were no kind souls at all. If it wasn’t for them being part of the sacred clan or their ancestors rendering great service to the chaos, Leize would’ve exterminated them long ago.

If Inception Palace managed to obtain the Dragonquake Scripture, they would have to return the combat art to the chaos dragons. Wouldn’t that race turn the chaos inside out then?

In that case, it was better if the Inception Palace didn’t possess the art to begin with.

As a sovereign realm expert, Wahuang possessed enough mental fortitude to not lust after the greatest combat art of the chaos.

“Alright, you better not let anyone else know that you have the Dragonquake Scripture. Killing someone for their treasure is a regular occurrence in the chaos,” Wahuang warned.

“Mm, I understand.” Something suddenly occurred to Lu Yun. “Ah, I’ve heard about a treasure in the sacred palaces called the soul lamps?”

“What, do you want to light one as well?” Wahuang smiled at the question. 

They themselves had made use of the soul lamps to survive the great wilderness and return to the Inception Palace. Sadly, Fuxi’s killer was a sovereign and had destroyed his lamp through the void.

When the three-eyed man remained on Mount Buzhou, he’d sealed his cultivation for a variety of reasons and presented himself as only peak chaos realm.

“I don’t need to.” Lu Yun shook his head. “I want to bring it back to the world of immortals and see if I can popularize it there too.”

"I see, I will allow it.” Wahuang nodded.

Lu Yun blinked. “You’ve… agreed?”

“And why would I not?” she smiled. “Soul lamps are a very complicated and finicky thing to refine. They need to be kept under strict guard, and even the six sacred palaces are the only ones who can refine and guard the lamps in the chaos. Those of the nine sacred lands know of the method too, but the cost is too high and they don’t have the absolute strength to guard the soul lamps.”

“I see,” Lu Yun chuckled. “Well, I have the strength to ensure the soul lamps are kept safe!”

Wahuang stretched her hand out again and passed on the method to construct soul lamps, sending Lu Yun into another dizzy spell.

“Um… ah… the current world of immortals really will have issues using soul lamps.” He rubbed his head ruefully.

“If the immortal dao could traverse the chaos… hmm?” Wahuang halted mid sentence and suddenly rose to her feet, looking at the huge zombie not too far away.

A figure had landed on its head and was furiously attacking the sword, trying to pull it out of the zombie’s head. However, the sword was so big that he couldn’t shift it, even with all of the strength in his body.

“What a fool.” A cold smile flitted across Wahuang’s lips and she pointed at the figure.

“Don’t!!” Lu Yun jumped with horror and flung an arm out. “Don’t do anything, don’t do anything at all!!”

“What is it?” Wahuang froze when she heard Lu Yun’s words and she looked at the human with puzzlement.

“Don’t you see the woman without features, er, without a face, next to that person?” Lu Yun’s eyes were fixed on the person on the zombie’s head. The faceless woman that he’d seen before had reappeared and was slowly sliding her hand into the man’s head.

The sixth level mortal realm expert remained completely oblivious and was still focused on trying to extract the sword.

“Woman without a face?” Wahuang frowned tightly.

The faceless woman suddenly turned around and pointed her blank face at Lu Yun. She stretched out a finger, placed it where her mouth would be, and made a shushing noise.

Lu Yun almost jumped out of his skin in horror. This was an entity that not even sovereigns could see, but somehow he could!

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