Chapter 1073: A Zombie That Has Mastered Illusions

Upon swearing friendship to each other and cementing a true alliance, the last traces of estrangement between the group faded away. Even Lu Yun felt something new blossom in his heart.

“In that case, I won’t keep it from you guys anymore. I’m not actually a secluded disciple of the Inception Palace—”

“Shut up!” Everyone tensed. “From now on, you are a secluded disciple of the Inception Palace to everyone we meet!”

“Don’t worry, secluded disciples are special,” You Huoran quickly followed up. “Even ordinary Inception disciples might not be able to tell who you really are! Therefore, you are exactly what you’ve been telling everyone all along!”

Some of the group had nursed suspicions about Lu Yun’s identity for a while, but they’d never openly brought it up. His voluntary candor set aside their last concerns about this mysterious stranger.

You Huoran was a secluded disciple of Opposition Palace and knew how the system operated. Thus, he spoke on basis of great authority when he told Lu Yun to continue as is. Lu Yun’s name was also too closely tied with Inception Palace anyway, and almost everyone knew of him.

If word came out now that he was a fake, Inception Palace would be the first to call for Lu Yun’s head and send everything in their power after him.

As it were, the palace hadn’t addressed the rampant rumors of secluded disciple Lu Yun in the Tomb of Heaven and Earth. This was the greatest proof that they themselves didn’t know who Lu Yun was.

A secluded disciple who could deploy the power of inception was the perfect cover.

As for how Lu Yun could use the power of inception when he wasn’t one of their disciples… that was one of his secrets; the others didn’t care to pry. All they knew was that he’d risked his life to save Li Xue in the zombie flood and taken point for the group every single time. That was all they needed to know.

“Alright then!” Touched, Lu Yun went along with the plan.

“From now on, we are the Six Royals, the Six Royals of the chaos!” Having recovered from Jushan’s death, Wang Shu smiled widely.

“The Six Royals?” Lu Yun’s eyes widened. There were also stories of the Six Royals on Earth. By now, he could no longer tell where the legends and myths of Earth came from. Did they originate from the world of immortals, or this dead mythological realm?

“Since we’ve sworn friendship and become true fellow daoists, then we should always help each other. If the final opportunity isn’t ours, we’ll take it for ourselves! If it belongs to one of us, then the other five will protect and guard it with our lives!” Lu Yun asserted.


“As things should be!”


They were all here for treasures and opportunities. They would take it if it wasn’t theirs, and they would guard it if it was!

Now as the “Six Royals”, the six made their moves in unison, no trace of worry or concern to be found. Lu Yun suddenly found himself understanding the six prodigals more. They advanced and retreated as one, always supporting each other. Even if one of them offended a dao immortal, the rest would fling themselves forward without a beat of hesitation.

“So this is that corpse…” They abruptly came to a halt.

There was a body the size of a mountain in front of them, still five hundred thousand kilometers away but fully visible to their eyes because…

It was huge.

At least tens of thousands of kilometers tall, she sat cross-legged with her head drooped down, as if she’d fallen asleep. However, there was no ripple of life to be found anywhere on her body.

She was an extraordinarily good looking woman, elegant and poised, but also demurely refreshing.

“This is the master who’s exceeded the chaos!” Sharp breaths could be heard among the group.

“The killing intent comes from the sword over her head!” gasped Ying Luo.

A sword was inserted into the top of the woman’s head—the instrument of her death.

Lu Yun narrowed his eyes when he saw the sword and called upon the Spectral Eye, searching for more information. However, she was so strong that she exceeded the limits of what he could read.

Zhao Qing was in the same position as her when she died! Lu Yun’s heart trembled.

Daughter of the Exalted Divine Emperor, Zhao Qing, was Lu Yun’s tenth Yama King and the strongest one. Her death had always been a mystery. It’d been Diexi who’d landed the fatal blow, but she hadn’t seemed to be in full control of her body then.

As the treasured pearl of the divines, Zhao Qing had exceeded even her father and it was only a matter of time before she reached chaos realm. However, something had come for her once her father died.

This mysterious woman’s method of death sent Lu Yun’s mind into disarray. He’d always viewed the chaos creatures as his enemy, but it was more than apparent that they weren’t capable of this feat—not even if they hailed from the six sacred palaces.

“Look over there, someone’s fighting!” Wei Yuan pointed at the air next to the woman. Many figures clashed against each other, struggling to lay claim to something. They were all sixth level mortal realm, the strongest experts on the scene.

“It’s that sword… they’re fighting over that sword. If they can pull it out of her head, they’ll obtain her approval and = heritage!” Li Xue said quietly.

The woman had died to the sword and continued to suffer its torment even in death. She would be released if the sword was removed, and her inheritance naturally belonging to whoever accomplished the deed.

“Let’s head over as well!” The group couldn’t sit still, not with the opportunity to ascend beyond the chaos right in front of them.

“Hold on!” Lu Yun stopped them. Ying Luo was the first to pause and looked quizzically at him.

“What is it?” the others asked as well.

“To seek a dragon of mountains coiled, those deathly cliffs with mysteries roiled.

“Danger shies if mountains hide, layouts of death do hidden ghosts bide!”


Lu Yun opened his arms wide as a tiny curtain of light formed in front of him. 

Gone was the elegantly regal woman. An enormous zombie covered with green fur sat in her place, staring at the living beings around it with eyes dripping of corpsewater. Saliva pooled from its lips!

The sword was still there, but now it seemed more like a seal that kept the zombie firmly in place. If it was removed, the zombie would regain its freedom and go on a dreadful rampage! Even sovereigns wouldn’t be its match, much less mortal realm beings.

“What the heck?!” It felt like a bucket of cold water had been poured over their heads.

“An illusion! A fucking zombie that’s mastered illusions!” Lu Yun spat out through grit teeth. “What we need to do isn’t to pull out the sword, but to prevent others from pulling it out. If it’s removed, all of us in the tomb will die!”

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