Chapter 1059: Jin Gushen

Tension in the air stretched on unbearably. If the three eternal overlords fought each other, then the submarine parked on the three-headed lizard would be the first casualty in the line of fire. Thankfully, they were each wary of the others and didn’t make a move.


Jin Gushen, an eternal overlord of the metal elemental sacred land, looked like he’d seen a ghost. He shook and shivered as he looked at the two beasts in front of him, wanting nothing more than to slap himself silly. If he could do things over again, he would’ve never chosen to enter the heart of the tomb through the zombie sea.

Though it was a shortcut, it was also a road that led straight to death.

Unmitigated, certain death!

“How can I be so damn unlucky?? I thought a great gift had fallen into my lap, but it was just the prelude to a deathtrap!” He wanted to cry, but could find no tears to shed.

There was no other choice available but to continuously release his own power. If he showed any sign of weakness, the other two beasts would immediately set aside their differences and rip him to pieces.

Thankfully, the two seemed to bear more than simple unfriendliness toward each other, which was the only reason why he was still alive.

“Keep calm, stay calm…” Jin Gushen took in a deep breath and blazed with piercing light from his eyes, staring straight at the two beasts.


“It’s him!” Lu Yun yelped when he got a clear look at Jin Gushen.

“Jin Gushen of the metal elemental land, he’s here too!” Leng Xian’s expression went through a variety of changes when she identified the eternal overlord.

Jin Gushen looked very youthful, like a young man, with a hint of boyishness in his face. That meant that his real age wasn’t very old. Though there was no concept of time in the chaos and thus no passage of time, living beings were still familiar with the concept.

Jin Gushen was so very young. He hadn’t even weathered a chaos tribulation since his birth, but he was already an eternal overlord! Not even the sacred clan of the six sacred palaces could achieve such a feat.

He was also different from Chi Wuxia and Huo Shentong. Chi Wuxia was also an eternal overlord, but they’d swiftly reached their current heights due to support received as a result of their connections with the sacred palaces.

Jin Gushen was just an ordinary disciple of the metal elemental land. He had absolutely nothing to do with the sacred palaces and his cultivation achievements were the result of his own efforts. He was a genius, a truly stunning genius.

The six sacred palaces had tried to recruit him a few times, but to no avail. The huge fight that would break out over him when he became a sovereign could already be foreseen. However, based on current circumstances, he was dead without a doubt.

Since he hadn’t joined a sacred palace and wasn’t that popular in the metal elemental land, he didn’t possess a soul lamp or even anyone willing to guard his lamp. If he died here, that would be the end of him.

Lu Yun naturally recognized the genius—one of his golden warriors had joined the metal elemental land and formed a close relationship with Jin Gushen.

I can’t let him die here! Lu Yun grit his teeth as he kept his eyes trained on Jin Gushen’s face. “We need to save him.”

“Save him? We can barely save ourselves, how can we save him??” Leng Xian felt that Lu Yun had lost his mind.

“No, we’re very safe here. Go down and sink into the zombie sea again. I have a plan!” Lu Yun took a deep breath. His thirty-six warriors were the equivalent of thirty-six replicas. His thoughts were fully imprinted into their minds and each of them was controlled by the six paths of his nascent spirit.

His warriors had fully assimilated into the chaos over the past fifteen years. Not only had he learned many chaos cultivation methods and knowledge, but he’d made many friends and enemies.

Jin Gushen counted among that list. The golden warrior that’d joined the metal elemental land had come under Jin Gushen’s wing. The genius was both his friend and teacher, and now that he was in grave danger, Lu Yun wasn’t about to sit idly by.

“But…” Leng Xian hesitated, not daring to move.

“We’re a zombie right now and the treasure we’re in is also a zombie! If we don’t leave while we can, we’ll be dead without question once they start fighting!” Lu Yun turned around and shouted at Leng Xian. “Dive!”

“I understand.” Leng Xian paled, finally understanding the reason behind Ying Luo’s changes. For a girl unversed in the ways of the world, it was impossible for her not to change after spending time with someone as domineering as Lu Yun.

Mentally preparing herself, Leng Xian steered the submarine behind another zombie and slowly detached themselves from the three-headed lizard. They plopped into the zombie sea without meeting real danger and swiftly melded back into the whole.

“You guys leave first, I’ll go save him,” Lu Yun sighed with relief.


“No!” Leng Xian and Ying Luo spoke at the same time.

“You, you can’t go! It’s too dangerous!” Ying Luo panicked, grabbing onto his arm and refusing to let go no matter what.

“My junior sister is right. You’re only second level mortal realm and not even an ant in this zombie sea. You’ll be going to your death if you head outside!” Leng Xian also stood in front of Lu Yun. Since he was a secluded disciple of Inception Palace, she couldn’t let him go to his death.

“I owe much to Jin Gushen and can’t let him die like this.” Lu Yun was still staring at the water curtain. The two enormous beasts outside showed signs of temporarily joining hands so they could take care of the foreigner first.

During these fifteen years, the golden warrior that’d joined the metal elemental land had reaped the most for his efforts. It was all because of Jin Gushen, and the genius had saved the golden warrior multiple times.

“Also, I’m not an ant. These zombies can’t do anything to me. If it wasn’t for you guys… heh. I would’ve crossed the zombie sea a long time ago.”


Black flames roared to life around him and concealed all traces of the living and zombie from Lu Yun. He seemed to be a humanoid pillar of flame, a dead thing without any ripples of life. His laugh descended in temperature and pierced the bones of the other three with cold.

“Cold black fire!” Leng Xian shrieked, understanding why Ying Luo tagged after Lu Yun all this time…

The monarch of Creation Palace had once said that if they met someone with cold black fire, they were to help him without reservation if he met with trouble.

“Let me help you!” she quickly offered.

“You guys not pulling me down would be the biggest help you can give to me.”


With that, Lu Yun disappeared.

“Has he… has he always viewed me as a burden?” Ying Luo asked blankly, looking at where Lu Yun had vanished.

“No.” Surprisingly, it was Wang Shu who responded. “If he thought you were a burden, he would’ve tried everything to get rid of you.” He chuckled ruefully when he thought of how hard Lu Yun had tried to lose him in the other burial chambers.

Ying Luo bit her lip, a hurt expression flashing through her eyes. Leng Xian sank deep into thought.


Hellfire obscured all signs of life from Lu Yun; even the water curtain in the submarine couldn’t locate his form.

Instead of immediately heading for Jin Gushen, he first set up a tiny formation talisman and shrank the submarine back into a particle of dust before leaving with peace of mind. He’d shared trials and hardship with these people, and he was only human. He could save Jin Gushen at the cost of all else and would also do the same if Ying Luo met with danger.

To Lu Yun, Ying Luo was now his friend.

Jin Gushen, it’s always been you saving me, now it’s my turn. Fifteen years of friendship has gotta count for something, eh? Lu Yun sped toward the three eternal overlords. Since the bone dragon originates from a chaos dragon, then what I need to do is find its dragon pearl. Once I have it in hand, I won’t need to be concerned with the dragon anymore, even if it’s an eternal overlord.

Having once taken chaos dragon form, Lu Yun was naturally very familiar with them.

Though chaos dragons looked like three dragons smashed together, what with their three heads, three tails, and twelve dragon claws, they had only one core essence—their dragon pearl. The pearl contained all of the dragon’s strength. If it was smashed, then the chaos dragon was crippled beyond help.

However, their pearl was the equivalent of a dao immortal’s dao fruit. Normally hidden within the body, it was impossible to destroy.

Even if this dragon had turned into a bone dragon, its dragon pearl should still remain in perfect condition. If it was broken, then the bone dragon would be a pile of bone dust instead of the snarling specimen in the sky.

Since the bone dragon overhead was a skeleton, the pearl wouldn’t be found in its body. It had to be hidden somewhere in the zombie sea—its nest, perhaps.

When his thoughts traveled here, Lu Yun utilized Shapeshifting to turn into a speck of dust and burrowed into the depths of the zombie sea right beneath the dragon.

A dragon sleeps in mountains coiled, those deathly cliffs with mysteries roiled! He chanted silently while pale golden light burst forth from his eyes.

Overhead, the gigantic bone dragon suddenly froze mid-pounce at Jin Gushen. It looked down, staring straight beneath it with its empty eye sockets.

The Dragonsearch Invocation was a part of the Dragonquake Scripture, the highest art of the chaos dragons. Even though the bone dragon was dead, the operation of its race’s highest art wouldn’t pass by unnoticed.

“Aooouuu!” Howling piercingly, the dragon grew rapidly smaller and plunged into the zombie sea.

Jin Gushen and the three-headed lizard looked at each other, not knowing what to make of the situation.

“So… it’s just the two of us now.” A great pressure lifted off his shoulders with the bone dragon’s sudden departure, Jin Gushen smirked evilly at the three-headed lizard.

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