Chapter 1058: Fearsome Beast

A curse on the chaos dragons reminded Lu Yun of the curses aimed at the dragons of his world. Chaos dragons were undoubtedly a very special existence within the chaos. Their Dragonquake Scripture was the foremost method of the realm and something that all six sacred palaces wished to obtain.


The submarine slowly expanded in the zombie sea until it was fifteen meters long again. Thankfully, that still didn’t make it particularly eye-catching or large, given the enormity of the sea. There were numerous zombies here that were easily several hundred or thousands of meters tall.

With the Shapeshifting talisman formation still operational, the submarine was camouflaged as a fish zombie and swam for the other shore of the zombie depths. Their current speed was more than a hundred times slower than before and they were continuously buffeted by other zombies. This was when the stones from the shore came into play—the surrounding zombies always left after taking one taste of the submarine.

Watching their progress through the water curtain, Lu Yun witnessed figure after figure speed through the air above them. Plainly, many more had discovered the sea’s existence and determined its secrets. Of them, the weakest was immortal lord; there were also quite a few eternal overlords in their midst.

They weathered plenty of zombie attacks along the way; progress was difficult for even the eternal overlords. The battles outside rocked and upturned the zombie sea, making things even more hazardous for Lu Yun and the others.

“An eternal overlord’s made his move, he’s fighting someone!” Leng Xian suddenly stopped and peered intently at the water curtain within the submarine.

In the distance, two enormous beings faced off against each other. Two torrents of terrifying ripples traveled in all directions as both flared their power.

The water curtain was an ultimate treasure bequeathed to Leng Xian by the monarch of Creation Palace. It could survey everything that took place within a five hundred thousand kilometer radius, remaining unnoticed by even sovereigns if they didn’t carefully scan their premises.

This was a great treasure of Creation Palace, and it being in the hands of Leng Xian was an indicator of the Creation monarch’s high hopes for her.

“That’s a bone dragon.” Through the water curtain, Lu Yun carefully observed what was opposing the eternal overlord. “A bone dragon formed after the death of a chaos dragon!”

He opened the Spectral Eye and scanned the bone dragon’s death information through the water curtain. This was a chaos dragon that’d died in the battlefield of the mythological realm!

When the mythical realm expanded to the point of threatening the continued existence of the chaos, its denizens hadn’t taken the intrusion lightly. They raised armies to punish the impudent enemy, trying to stop it from expanding further or even destroy it. Though the energy of the realms could kill chaos creatures, there were many treasures in the chaos that could withstand it—such as the purple qi that Tianqi guarded.

When the chaos creatures collected enough purple qi, they charged into the realm.

What followed was an extremely harrowing and gruesome war. High casualties were inflicted on both chaos creatures and denizens of the realm. This zombie sea was a result of those battles!

The zombies here weren’t local inhabitants that’d died when their realm perished, but those that had died in battle. Boundless resentment, battle intent, and death qi congregated in this spot to form the zombie sea.

Within the realms, zombies were rejected by both heaven and earth, exiled to wander between the boundary of living and death forever. Thus, the zombies here weren’t zombies of the chaos.

The two chaos dragons that they’d seen earlier were also dragons that’d perished during that war. On the other hand, the bone dragon in the skies was no longer a zombie—it was completely dead. 

Someone had killed it once more after it turned into a zombie. transforming it into a bone dragon made from the chaos dragon’s skeleton. Though it lacked the strength it wielded in life, it was still a dreadful eternal overlord!

“Circle around them, w-we need to circle around them!” Wang Shu stammered as he looked at the eternal overlords in the air.

“We need to go!” Lu Yun roared and bounded up to the helm, attempting to redirect the submarine.

He was too late.

Violent tremors rose from the bottom of the sea, as if something was floating up from its depths. The submarine began to slowly rise in the next moment as well, since it was hanging to the thing’s body. Lu Yun spotted an enormous zombie lizard through the water curtain.

This zombie was a three-headed lizard, the same one that he’d encountered on the bloody path!

What set this one apart was that something had bitten off the head in the center, leaving a ghastly wound and numerous injuries inflicted on the other two heads. It was five hundred kilometers long and seemed to be the king of the zombie sea. 

Despite its bulk, it nimbly shot into the sky after burrowing out from the zombie sea bed. The tiny submarine swayed to and fro on the lizard’s body, taken along for the ride as the lizard hurtled toward the bone dragon. Ferocious roars blasted out from its mouths—it was also an eternal overlord.

Inside the submarine, Lu Yun and the others turned purple as they held their breaths, deathly afraid of being discovered by this terrifyingly fearsome beast. There were also other zombies hanging off of its body, but they seemed to be used to the sensation as they remained crawling over the lizard’s body despite the happenings.


A three-headed lizard, a bone dragon, and an eternal overlord of a sacred land formed a triangle in the air over the zombie sea.

The mutual hostility that the bone dragon and lizard bore for each other was plain to see. The energy ripples from the bone dragon had infuriated the lizard, resulting in its emergence to join the fray.

“The three-headed lizard should be a being of the mythological realm… that’s why it’s at odds with the bone dragon. If my guess is right, it’s also the culprit behind the chaos dragon turning from a zombie into a bone dragon,” Lu Yun whispered.

“Mmhmm, mmhmm, mmhmm.” Ying Luo bobbed her head up and down, agreeing with Lu Yun.

Leng Xian and Wang Shu however, kept their lips firmly sealed shut. Hold a conversation right under the nose of an eternal overlord? They didn’t want to die just yet.

“These two monsters don’t seem to be whatever’s beneath the zombie sea. Can it be that it’s a sovereign beneath us?” Lu Yun continued.

Ying Luo continued nodding in agreement while Leng Xian and Wang Shu wanted to cry.

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