Chapter 1053: The World as a Burial Chamber

Though Qie He had reached peak chaos realm, he couldn’t put up any resistance to the zombie and was dragged in shrieking and flailing around.

And then, he suddenly cut off mid scream.


He died the moment he entered the tomb. Shortly thereafter, a series of mind numbing chewing sounds trailed out from the tomb.


“The zombie ate him… the zombie!” Lu Yun frowned ferociously. Hellfire could control ghostly beings, but couldn’t do anything to zombies.

Ghosts were completely dead, but in the chaos, zombies fell in the category of the living. They weren’t completely dead, and as such hellfire couldn’t exert control over them. In this moment, Lu Yun gave up exploring the tomb of the world king. With his current level of strength, he’d be courting death if he set foot into a tomb like that.

Though he had a million ways to restrain zombies, the one that’d appeared just now was too strong. It was at least creator realm, and this was still the fringes of the tomb. Who knew what kind of monsters would appear if he ventured into the depths?

With these concerns brewing in his mind, he turned on his heel and left without another word. He wasn’t a real disciple of a sacred palace. An attack from a creator could absolutely obliterate the six paths of his nascent spirit in hell.

There was only one life available to him. Lu Yun didn’t have such an unrealistic view of his strength that he would make a play for something so out of his reach. Plus, he’d gotten a clear overlook at this world—there was no presence of the immortal dao here. Everything having to do with it had been destroyed, so whatever was in that tomb wouldn’t bear a mission of waiting for him with a message or heritage.

His sentiments weren’t shared by the others on the scene. A creator realm zombie was invincible to Lu Yun, but there were many creators here as well as immortal lords. They carefully drew near to each other to form an alliance to crack the tomb.


“The entrance to other worlds is here.” Lu Yun arrived at the edge of his current planet and looked at a tiny fracture in the ground.

The worlds within the Tomb of Heaven and Earth were comparable to the burial chambers of a regular tomb. They were all linked to each other somehow. For instance, the tomb of the Vaststar world king was the equivalent to an outer-coffin. This type of layout that used worlds as tombs and tombs as coffins was a level of sophistication beyond Lu Yun’s abilities.

“These burial chambers are most likely outer worlds outside of the main part of the tomb. They’re relatively safe as long as we don’t provoke whatever’s residing inside. The true danger is in the center of the Tomb of Life and Death, that huge burial pit of ten thousand—no, a hundred million lives!”

Lu Yun casually flitted through burial chamber after burial chamber, having no other choice but to flare the power of inception as he traveled. If he didn’t do so, he would’ve been grabbed to be cannon fodder at any time.

After a while, many in the burial chambers came to know that a second level mortal realm disciple of Inception Palace was among them. There was nothing for it, Lu Yun had to grin and bear it, continuing with his false identity.

Most of his usual methods of disguise were useless in front of creators and immortal lords. He was too weak. Therefore, he adopted the most high-handed attitude he could muster and didn’t back down even when encountering other sacred palace disciples. He was cocky and arrogant to the extreme and sometimes went so far as to fight with the sacred palace disciples he ran into.

I’ll take a moment to change into another appearance after a few more burial chambers. My Shapeshifting death art has absorbed the clear currents of the chaos, so only sovereigns will be able to see through it. Lu Yun set foot into the next world as he mused over his next course of action.

“Junior brother Lu Yun!” A delighted voice traveled into his ears the moment he entered the next burial chamber. Dressed in a vividly green skirt, a joyful Ying Luo appeared next to him. “I heard people say that an Inception disciple had appeared and thought it must be you!”

Lu Yun paused and looked blankly at the sudden reappearance of the girl.

“Junior sister, who is this?” a slightly aloof voice sounded behind Ying Luo.

Lu Yun followed the question to its owner—a woman with a frosty expression in a black combat outfit. She was a creator, but much stronger than the creators he’d encountered before.

“Senior sister, he’s, he’s…” Ying Luo abruptly realized she’d been too brash, but she hadn’t been able to control her emotions.

When she separated from Lu Yun, she’d immediately started drowning in depression and helplessness. Though she’d run into her senior sister afterward, she hadn’t been able to forget the young man with a composed smile.

Hence, she’d thrown thought of everything else out of her mind and ran straight to him the moment she saw him.

“Lu Yun, secluded disciple of the Inception Palace.” He didn’t blame Ying Luo, and this wasn’t his first time interacting with sacred palace disciples, so what did one more occasion matter?

“A secluded disciple of the Inception Palace?” The black-outfitted woman looked at him up and down.

“Senior sister, it’s all thanks to junior brother Lu Yun that I didn’t die outside,” Ying Luo whispered and tugged at the woman’s hem. “Junior brother Lu Yun, this is my senior sister Leng Xian.”

“Greetings to the senior sister of Creation Palace.” Lu Yun raised a cupped fist salute, then smiled. “I’m off to search for others of my palace, so I’ll be taking my leave…”

He turned to go. Ying Luo chewed on her lip, but didn’t say anything to keep him.

“Hold on.” Leng Xian suddenly blocked Lu Yun’s way. “This is the central zone of the Tomb of Heaven and Earth. It’s very dangerous for you to be here alone. I know where a few senior brothers of Inception Palace are, I can take you to them.”

Lu Yun stiffened ever so slightly while Ying Luo paled. She’d ruined everything for Lu Yun. Leng Xian was a creator, there was no room for him to decline her good intentions.

“So you’re here huh, kid?!” An aggravated voice cut across the scene. “I lost by a single move to you just now, so I don’t accept that at all! How can the combat arts of my Burgeon Palace be inferior to your Inception Palace, huh?! We’re going for another round!

“Ah, senior sister Leng Xian of Creation Palace, and junior sister Ying Luo!” A foppish dandy wearing white robes suddenly popped out of nowhere, pausing when he saw Leng Xian and Ying Luo.

Though Ying Luo had concealed her face, she usually took on her current appearance when out and about. There were also many who’d seen her real face, including this dandy.

“Junior brother Wang Shu of Burgeon Palace.” Leng Xian frowned slightly to see this frivolous fop.

Wang Shu was the youngest son of the Burgeon monarch, also second level mortal realm. She hadn’t thought that the palace monarch would be willing to risk his son in this tomb!

“Kid, losing by a move means nothing, let’s go again!”


Wang Shu withdrew a longsword and pointed it at Lu Yun.

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