Chapter 1052: Tomb of the World King

The world of immortals had been turned into an enormous tomb that buried its denizens. There were numerous other tombs that forested its surface, laying to rest the immortals that’d died in battle.

All of that was very similar to the Tomb of Heaven and Earth in front of Lu Yun.

He hadn’t been certain of the similarities at first, but when he saw the tomb of the world king, a disquieting chill gripped his heart.

He’d once thought that the tombs appearing after the great war in the world of immortals was perhaps the work of the chaos creatures, or the handicraft of some secluded experts in the world of immortals.

But it now seemed that the great war a hundred thousand years ago was intricately tied to the war that destroyed the mythological realm. Perhaps the same mastermind or group was behind it all.

“Building tombs for their fallen enemies and preserving their heritage… what did the mastermind want to do?” Lu Yun took in a deep breath and strode forward, heading for the tomb of the Vaststar world king.

There was no sight of Ying Luo—she’d plainly ended up in another world. Signs of life began to appear in the one that Lu Yun was in. Other chaos creatures that’d entered along the bloody path as well could be seen again.

If Lu Yun and Ying Luo could pass the tests from earlier, then so could other geniuses of the chaos. In fact, they’d probably passed with flying colors. 

Anyone that’d arrived here was extremely cautious, maintaining a safe distance between themselves and everyone else. No one brashly approached the others, plainly not trusting anyone else present.

Lu Yun began to worry about Ying Luo despite himself. She seemed to easily give out her trust—she wouldn’t have asked him for help otherwise. In an environment like this, she would easily end up worse for the wear.

But if she reveals her identity, she’ll be immediately surrounded by more protection than she knows what to do with. Unbidden, Lu Yun thought of Ying Luo’s stunning countenance. A soul lamp already burned for her because she was a disciple of a sacred palace. Even if she died here, she’d return to life through it.

Soul lamps were interesting treasures. Lu Yun had been deeply taken with them the first time he’d heard their name, but he had yet to see one, much less learn how to refine one.

As for the little fox, he hadn’t been worried about her from start to finish. She was much safer here than he was. It was only a matter of her putting others in their places; no one would be able to harm a hair on her head.


“You, come here,” rasped a hoarse voice to the left of Lu Yun. He turned around to see a being with a pale face and a horn growing out of its head leering at him.

It was in the chaos realm—a very ordinary cultivation realm. But to a second level mortal realm ant, chaos realm was an unfathomable height they could never aspire to.

“I told you to get over here!” Frosty killing intent flashed in the speaker’s eyes when Lu Yun didn’t move.

“Okay.” Lu Yun lifted his head and peered at the speaker’s face, seeming to commit his appearance to memory. Tendrils of jade green energy floated to the fore as he walked over to the speaker.

“The power of inception… you’re a disciple of the Inception Palace! Wait, wait! Don’t come over here, I don’t need you anymore!” The speaker jumped with shock. He hadn’t thought that a random second level mortal realm ant he’d summoned would be a disciple of a sacred palace!

Disciples of these factions wouldn’t die. Even if he killed this ant here, the ant would revive and come back for him. He’d be the one dead in the end.

The chaos realm expert with the single horn on his head and an ashen complexion didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He plainly wasn’t a run-of-the-mill talent since he could make it here—there was also a powerful faction behind him. But in front of a sacred palace, his faction was just an ant colony.

“You wanted me to come over here, so how could I be so rude as to refuse?” Lu Yun smirked with a half smile. “You, go over there and see what dangers there are around that tomb.” He pointed commandingly at the tombstone in front of the tomb of the Vaststar world king.

Though the biggest drawback of his fake identity was that the gig would be up in front of any Inception disciple, it was an enormous guarantee of safety otherwise. In front of him, color drained from One-horn’s face until he resembled a piece of paper.

“I, I…” His eyes darted around the scene.

“I’ve already committed your likeness to memory and know who you are,” Lu Yun chuckled. “You’re Qie He of the blackhorn race, aren’t you? The blackhorns certainly have some balls to be challenging a sacred palace!”

Scattered all over the chaos, his thirty-six golden warriors had soaked in knowledge like a sponge. They’d recorded the characteristics and strength of all major races and factions in the chaos, as well as taken down the names of any noteworthy characters.

Qie He was a genius of the blackhorn race, but one that didn’t merit attention from the sacred lands or palaces. For some of the factions that the golden warriors had joined, however, he was a person of great interest.

“You!” Awful realization flitted across his face. He didn’t have a soul lamp. If he died here, he’d be dead for good.

“Well? Go on then. Or do you want the blackhorns to go extinct?” His expression taking a frosty bent, Lu Yun summoned the image of a dragon that shimmered with faint gold.

“A chaos dragon!!” Qie He shrieked as horror stabbed into his gut, freezing him from inside out. He didn’t dare twitch a muscle.

“Hurry along now,” Lu Yun commanded with growing irritation and a frown.

“Under, understood!” Not daring to hesitate after seeing the image of a chaos dragon, Qie He cautiously advanced toward the world king’s tomb.

Though the image of chaos dragon didn’t necessarily mean the wielder was a chaos dragon, it surely did mean that he had much to do with the dragons. Chaos dragons were so infamous that their name alone terrified many factions in the chaos.

Other chaos creatures hidden in the surroundings also trembled and shook, deathly afraid of offending Lu Yun. It’d be one thing if they could kill this Inception disciple, but since he possessed a soul lamp, whoever dared attack him would eventually be the one to die a grisly death instead. Anyone having to do with the culprit would also be subject to crazed vengeance.

The consequences were too much to bear.

Those in the tomb were very different from the three who’d wanted to eat Lu Yun and the others. Those three had been creators abandoned by the nine sacred lands, and them wanting to eat a chaos dragon meant they’d made up their minds to betray the sacred lands. They would only have to hide in the part of the chaos that was affected by the energy of the worlds to stymie any revenge from the sacred palaces.


“There’s no danger here,” Qie He sighed with relief after reaching the world king’s tomb and inspecting it carefully. However, he turned around to meet Lu Yun’s shocked gaze.

A zombie arm was probing out from a fissure next to the tomb. It grabbed Qie He’s ankle and dragged him inside.

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