Chapter 1050: Creator Realm Beneath the Immortal Dao

Off in the distance flowed a river of blood that shimmered with bloody radiance. It dyed the air above it with a bloody tint, highlighting a barren expanse that was filled with ruins.

Lu Yun and Ying Luo rested beneath a fractured city wall.

After an undefined period of time, Ying Luo slowly regained consciousness, her face changing as she did so. Her unbelievably beautiful features slowly morphed into more ordinary ones and returned to what she looked like before.

“What just happened?” She had a vague impression of what had just occurred and subconsciously stroked her face with a bit of anxiety.

“A vengeful spirit possessed your body, but I took care of it.” Lu Yun smiled.

“And then? Did anything else happen?” Ying Luo followed up worriedly.

“Nothing else.” Lu Yun shook his head. The girl changing into a different appearance didn’t mean anything to him.

Ying Luo heaved a sigh of relief. “What happened to those corpses? Why have they all disappeared?” She paused upon noticing what their surroundings looked like now.

“They were just illusions.” Lu Yun stood up and looked at the river of blood. “The beings that entered the tomb were all mashed to a pulp and none were left with a whole corpse. The only thing they left behind is that river of blood.”

He pointed at the flowing body of liquid.

“Is this the Tomb of Heaven and Earth? This doesn’t look like a tomb.” Ying Luo surveyed the surroundings, finding it to be more like an abandoned city. 

The ground beneath their feet was a blackish red and the sky over their head murky gray. Ruined buildings dotted the landscape, but there were no corpses. This didn’t seem like a tomb that’d buried a realm or even living beings.

“This is indeed a tomb, one that holds everything. All of the denizens of that mythological realm were buried here,” Lu Yun sighed. “But only ordinary life forms were buried, so their bodies couldn’t withstand the ravages of time. They’ve long become one with the dirt.”

There was no concept or power of time in the chaos, but they were no longer in the chaos. In this ravaged wreck of a world, though its energy had long waned, time still flowed within it.

Lu Yun opened the Spectral Eye to gaze upon the earth beneath his feet. It crawled with death information that belonged to the ordinary beings of this world. He could see their entire lives with a quick scan and also the depths of their despair when disaster arrived. This had been a mundane planet of that realm, one that belonged to mortals.

What surprised him was something different from some of the information.

Cultivation of the immortal dao!

There had been cultivators of immortal dao here. Though he didn’t glimpse any immortals, he truly did see the existence of cultivators!

“What the?” Eyes wide open, Lu Yun didn’t believe what he saw. Had the immortal dao originated from the mythological realm? There’d also been legends of the heavenly palace and kingdom of hell in that world. In fact, those two entities had been the rulers of that realm.

“Are you alright?” Ying Luo hastily asked when she saw an unnatural expression on Lu Yun’s face.

“I’m fine, just saw something that shouldn’t appear here.” Lu Yun frowned. “Is there no one else around?”

“No… There’s nothing else dead or alive within ten thousand kilometers.” Ying Luo looked around, scanning everything within ten thousand kilometers with a quick sweep of her gaze. “But there’s a big mountain in that direction, I can’t tell what’s in it.”

She pointed in a certain direction while Lu Yun made some quick calculations. According to the orientation of the five elements, she was pointing in the direction of fire, which meant the mountain was located in the south.

“Let’s go take a look.”

There was no one and nothing here, no opportunity or danger. The only place of note was the mountain that Ying Luo couldn’t see through. It was roughly five thousand kilometers away from them, a non-issue for two people of their strength. They quickly arrived at their destination.

It was completely black and wreathed with a faint layer of bloody mist. The river of blood threaded through the mountain and flowed into the distance.

Lu Yun stood in front of it with his brows tightly furrowed.

“What would you say this looks like?” Ying Luo whispered.

“A corpse,” Lu Yun responded without thinking. “This is the corpse of a creator that turned into this mountain after someone killed them.”

The corpse of a creator!

Creators were the current apex of existence in the world he came from, but in this mythological realm and the current chaos, creators weren’t much of anything. The corpse of a creator in a place like this was just the corpse of another ordinary person.

“If this is a planet of that realm, then this creator was the ruler of that planet.” Lu Yun’s eyes were fixated on the corpse, so agitated that his heart threatened to jump out of his chest. He read the realms of the immortal dao within the corpse!

This wasn’t a creator of the chaos, but a creator beneath the immortal dao! The creator in front of them had cultivated immortal dao!

As things stood right now, the final realm of the immortal dao was great emperor. The chaos realm that came after it was a cultivation level that didn’t belong to the immortal dao. No matter how Lu Yun and Qing Yu deployed formula dao, they couldn’t theorize what the chaos realm equivalent under immortal dao was.

Reaching chaos realm meant that one could walk through the chaos and withstand the horrific chaos tribulations, which was why it was called chaos realm. Above that came creator realm because creators could create something out of nothing, even something that didn’t currently exist.

These two realms didn’t exist in the immortal dao yet.

But in the immortal dao of that mythological realm, there was a creator realm that belonged to the immortal dao!

Lu Yun stared greedily at this enormous corpse, imprinting its death information into his brain. Within hell, the six paths of his nascent spirit operated at full speed and furiously deduced what this creator realm beneath immortal dao was.

Ying Luo seemed to realize that Lu Yun was in a peculiar state and stood quietly off to the side, refraining from disturbing him.

He fully copied all of this creator’s information after a long while and sent it to his nascent spirit, finally breathing out with relief when it was done.

“He was killed by a single point. Can sovereigns do that to a creator?” Lu Yun asked.

The creator’s death information didn’t record who’d killed the creator, but had recorded his cause of death—a single point.

“Yes!” Ying Luo nodded. “But a point from a sovereign would turn a creator into dust. No corpse would be left behind. Since there’s a corpse here, a sovereign’s not behind it. Perhaps a master of the eternal or immortal realms did it.”

In the chaos, after creator realm came immortal lords, and after that were the eternal overlords.

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