Chapter 1033: A Bloody Path

Lu Yun hadn’t anticipated that the tomb doors would open after he kicked Chi Wuxia into the structure. But the doors seemed like something alive, ready to eat entrants at any time.

“A tomb of the yang realm? Yin realm? Or something else?” Lu Yun stood in front of the tomb doors and quietly ran through possible theories in his mind. He didn’t utilize the Dragonquake Scripture or any other method, just analyzed the tomb based off of his own experience.

He could already tell that this tomb was a massive pit holding an unquantifiable amount of lives. It didn’t bury the legendary realm of myth, but all of its inhabitants instead. Perhaps that world had long since transformed into a terrifying realm monster.

Thus, it remained a riddle as to how that world had come to an end. The only thing that remained certain was that it was far stronger than the current chaos, and that its denizens had long evolved to another plane of life.


“Our opportunity to exceed the chaos realm and the creation seed is inside!” someone suddenly murmured. “We can free ourselves from the shackles of this existence once we go in and never have to worry about the worlds ever again…”

He seemed bewitched and vanished into the yawning maw of the tomb door, never to be seen again. His actions were the catalyst for a growing tide of chaos creatures streaming into the tomb. By Lu Yun’s side, Dawnruin and Merefrost stared fixedly at the doors, taking to the air without a corresponding command from Lu Yun and flying toward the tomb.

“Wake up!” Lu Yun roared and sent his voice roiling across the scene.

That failed to awaken them and they continued along their path. He reached out and grasped them in his hand, dragging them back.

“Something’s entranced their hearts and minds, something like my illusions.” The little fox poked a head out of Lu Yun’s embrace and examined the two beings. “But this illusion is much stronger than mine. I can only beguile their senses. This one, however, has ensnared everything about them. A real world of the mind has been built in the innermost depths of their hearts and they’re lost inside.

“You need to be careful.” She’d almost been trapped by the illusion too, but as a fellow master of the art, she could safeguard her mind so that she wasn’t lost like the others.

Lu Yun nodded. He’d sensed something off about the scene, but since his nascent spirit was in hell instead of with him, this kind of mental attack couldn’t affect him and thus he couldn’t fully experience what was going on.

More and more chaos creatures entered the tomb, from chaos realm to creators and to even stronger heavyweights—none were immune to the illusion. However, those at the very top, such as Huo Shentong or those like Chi Wuxia, remained unaffected. They stood unmoving in the void.

“Let’s go in.” Lu Yun smacked Dawnruin and Merefrost unconscious, shoving them into the pocket dimension that Qiu Luoyu was in.

“Go in?” The little fox quailed.

“Don’t you want to learn the kind of illusory art that can create a real world of the mind?” Lu Yun grinned evilly while the little fox’s eyes widened in realization.

“If I can learn this art, wouldn’t I be invincible then?” Eagerness began to shine from her face. Not even creators were immune to this illusion!

Lu Yun chuckled and strode forward, heading for the tomb doors. All was endlessly dark inside, but there were subtle rays of crimson light flashing through the shadows. It truly did seem like the open mouth of some titanic beast.

He remained wholly unmoved, peering forward with two rays of black light. He was finally calling upon a death art at this time—the Spectral Eye!

A dense concentration of information filled his mind—the details everyone who’d gone inside earlier appeared before his eyes.

“They’re all dead!” Lu Yun paled. How many had gone inside just now??

At least several million!

Of these millions, their weakest was chaos realm, also known as a great master of the combat arts in the great wilderness!

All of these beings, creators and those even stronger included, had died within a short span of time. Lu Yun hadn’t even registered any struggle or ripples of energy!

“What’s going on here?” Another group of people caught up to him from the rear. They were weaker than Qiu Luoyu, but only just. Far from being alone, they numbered several hundred and were all as strong as the prime of a sacred land.

They weren’t actually the leaders of their factions, but some old masters within the nine sacred lands and the chaos at large. They’d endured countless chaos tribulations and some had even survived since the Age of Myth.

Lu Yun inclined his head at them in acknowledgement. He wasn’t so arrogant that he would provoke these old monsters as well. “Be careful, all of them died as soon as they set foot through the doors.”

“All several million… within a single moment?” The half step sovereigns gaped at each other. Even now, there were still innumerable life forms being manipulated through the tomb doors.

“We laid out a plan for this a long time ago,” a man in long yellow robes suddenly said. “Us five elemental lands spent eighteen chaos tribulations deducing the Tomb of Heaven and Earth. Sending these ants continuously to their deaths will carve out a path of blood for us to enter safely.”

The representatives of the five elemental lands nodded in agreement and those from the four origin lands didn’t protest either. They also knew about the tomb’s existence and had constantly searched for it. Up until now, their efforts had proven fruitless.

Now that it appeared along with the creation seed, the nine sacred lands didn’t have time to set any other plans in motion before they took to the field. Along the way, they herded countless chaos creatures toward the tomb to make them explore this mythological structure and pave the correct way in blood.

Those from the fire origin land and fire elemental land gathered anew by the tomb; no one cared that the chaos dragon had punted Chi Wuxia into this dangerous structure. The young genius wouldn’t die.

Lu Yun’s brows furrowed tightly, his heart constricting with displeasure. He hadn’t thought that the nine sacred lands would do something like this, to expend lives just to create a safe road for their own benefit!

If someone had dared do something like this in the world of immortals, they would’ve done so with utmost discreteness. This would absolutely rouse the fury of the world and make them a public enemy!

Afflicted by the illusion, more than ten million souls had entered the Tomb of Heaven and Earth. Due to their sacrifice, a path glistening with bloody sparkles slowly unfurled from the tomb doors.

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etvolare's Thoughts

Quick clarification from some confusion I saw in previous chapters: The title of "prime" refers to the head of a sacred land.

Leize was a major connate demon god in the great wilderness on the side of the humans. Father of Fuxi and Wahuang.