Chapter 1029: Too Much

Qiu Luoyu could absolutely turn and leave without a second thought, right this very moment, but Lu Yun’s last word gave him pause. Indeed, once a tenth sacred land appeared in the chaos, life would become even more difficult for the otherkind.

While the four origin and five elemental sacred lands hated each other, they were remarkably united when it came to the otherkind in the chaos.

Complete extermination.

With the nine sacred lands each reigning supreme in their respective territory, they’d occupied almost all available domain within the chaos. If a tenth sacred land appeared, the otherkind would have no other choice but to flee to the zone of pollution.


“I’m also certain that even if you gain the creation seed, you won’t be able to use it to create a sacred land. You’ll at most prevent a tenth one from appearing, just like what that one did all those years ago,” Lu Yun continued.

Qiu Luoyu frowned ferociously.

When Hongjun obtained the tenth creation seed, he didn’t allow it to grow and form a sacred land. Instead, he refined it into his body and became a creator, ultimately taking shelter in that zone of pollution.

Lu Yun patted Qiu Luoyu’s shoulder. “If you dare create a tenth sacred land, I’ll bet those sovereigns in the six sacred palaces will immediately show themselves and crush you under their feet.”

Qiu Luoyu frowned anew when Lu Yun patted his shoulder, but then relaxed when he thought of the person behind this mortal being.

“Your only available option now is to ally with us and enter that tomb to get the creation seed. You can destroy it or go into hiding with it. All of you are done for if anyone else gets it,” said Lu Yun. “And you, as the strongest of the otherkind, will be the first to die.”

Qiu Luoyu’s expression shifted uncertainly. Since there was no time in the chaos, he could live forever with endless life force. After all, he’d been alive during the Great Devastation!

He feared death and didn’t want to disappear. Thus he never stopped fighting and strived hard to live on. He didn’t care what happened to the others, he just wanted to live.

There was a very high probability of death if he entered that tomb.

“Are you that confident that you’ll get the creation seed if you enter the Tomb of Heaven and Earth?” Qiu Luoyu asked ominously.

“Yes, I’m confident that I’ll get the seed if we enter the tomb.” Lu Yun nodded firmly. “I can also guarantee our safety inside the tomb. We won’t die in there!”

He possessed the Tome of Life and Death!

That treasure had formed the heavenly palace and kingdom of hell. Lu Yun guessed that the book’s roots were in the realm in this Age of Myth. Thus, he wanted to enter the tomb and see just what it held.

“Alright then!” Qiu Luoyu made up his mind. “I’ll trust you this once. But if we meet with any sort of overpowering danger within the tomb, I’ll be the first to abandon you and make good my escape!”

“That’s fine, we won’t be dragging you down either.” Lu Yun nodded and the little fox’s eyes lit up. She too yearned to explore the unknown land of mythology. Now that she’d learned the Dragonquake Scripture, she ardently wished to prove herself.


An enormous tomb jutted out of the center of the chaos current like a sore thumb. All of the plants withered at a speed visible to the naked eye and the vigorous vitality in the surroundings streamed into the tomb within the span of a few quick breaths.

Some of the weaker chaos creatures even spontaneously turned into a pile of bones.

“Young lord, the creation seed has matured, but it seems to be in an enormous tomb!” A man from the fire origin land found Huo Shentong at first light.

“I see.” His face darkened perceptibly. Huo Shentong was the strongest representative from his sacred land on the premises and its next leader. He’d already surpassed creator realm, so he’d detected the anomalies here earlier than everyone else.

“The realm from the Age of Myth is buried here,” he murmured to himself.

“Young lord, ah…” the man spoke again. “Those from the fire elemental sacred land are also here.”

“Mm.” He remained expressionless, but a sharp light glittered coldly in his eyes. “Is there any word of the two chaos dragons that were gossiped about earlier?”

“None.” His messenger shook his head. “It’s probably something made up by those four fellows to protect themselves.”


The fire origin land camp suddenly exploded, sending a giant mushroom cloud into the void. Huo Shentong’s subordinate was annihilated at the moment of detonation.

“Huo Shentong, get your sad face out here to meet your death!” A huge roar echoed in the void as fiery ripples crashed down in a relentless follow up, slaughtering as many from the fire origin land as possible.

A man bathed in fire stood quietly in midair. Long locks the color of flame came down to his waist and he wore long robes of vermilion. Belying the passionate sight, a frosty look glared out of his eyes and he seemed as calm as a pool of dead water. However, fire danced savagely with rage within a meter around him.

He was a walking dichotomy.

“Chi Wuxia,” Huo Shentong slowly uttered as he looked at the man, his own scarlet armor igniting with fire as well.

Young lord of the fire elemental sacred land and a peak genius of the nine elemental lands, Chi Wuxia was stronger than even Huo Shentong. His life’s goal wasn’t to destroy the realms or root out the otherkind. Others would handle those tasks, he didn’t need to worry about them.

His goal was to lead his sacred land in destroying the fire origin land, making his dao the only great dao of fire beneath the laws of fire.

The conflict between the sacred lands was much more severe than one would think. If it wasn’t for the realms constantly threatening the chaos, they likely would’ve erupted in all out war a long time ago.


“Huo Shentong, the tomb from the Age of Myth is about to open. You better not disappoint me.” Chi Wuxia refrained from further action, opting to sneer at the bedraggled Huo Shentong. “If you don’t head inside, I’ll kill you right now.”

Huo Shentong’s glare turned so venomous that he was almost spitting fire. He hadn’t planned on entering the Tomb of Heaven and Earth. None of the sacred lands had planned to do so.

It was too dangerous.

That the eleventh creation seed was buried in this mythological tomb cut off many ambitions at their roots. But Chi Wuxia chose to appear at this time and force him into the tomb? This was too much!

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etvolare's Thoughts

I keep trying to determine if it's possible that the elemental sacred lands are on Lu Yun's side...

A brief note about the young lords of two sacred lands. Huo Shentong translates to "fire combat art" and Chi Wuxia translates to "flame purity". I briefly thought about giving them English names... but I couldn't come up with anything that wasn't a massive cringe fest. There's no similar names that come up with my current scan through of the other sacred lands, so HST's mama really gave up on originality when she named him. XD