Chapter 1024: Hongjun?!

Lu Yun and the little fox looked at each other, not saying a word.

“To this part of the chaos, we’re otherkind and also targets to be exterminated,” Qiu Luoyu said candidly. “In our eyes, the life forms of the realms and the chaos are noticeably different. Even though you use the foremost method of the chaos—the Dragonquake Scripture—to disguise yourself as chaos dragons, I can still see through to your true form.”

Lu Yun nodded. “You don’t want the Dragonquake Scripture.”

He now understood how the three-eyed man had sought him out and why he’d proposed stealing the six sacred palaces. The three-eyed man was also an otherkind.

“Of course I want it!” Passionate desire gleamed in Qiu Luoyu’s eyes. “This is the greatest method of the chaos and said to elevate one above a chaos existence!”

“Here you go.” Lu Yun opened his hand and condensed the Dragonquake Scripture into a ball of light, sending it to Qiu Luoyu.

“No!” The young man shook his head and crushed the ball into motes of light. “The karmic repercussions of being gifted the Dragonquake Scripture are too great. I’ll be hunted down by the chaos dragons once I learn this method. I don’t yet have the strength to face the old monsters among them.”

He flashed a mysterious half smile as Lu Yun shuddered.

“Can chaos dragons really not exceed nine in total?” the little fox suddenly asked.

“They could be found everywhere in the chaos before the Great Devastation. After that cataclysm nearly wiped out all life in this realm, they seemed to have been cursed. They’ll go extinct if their numbers exceed ten.” Qiu Luoyu thought a bit more. “In fact, they did indeed go extinct a few times.”

“They went extinct, but then appeared again?” The little fox was immensely surprised.

“They’re part of the sacred clan, which means that the spark of their race is held within the sacred palaces. They can be reborn as long as the six structures still stand. Granted, they would have to start over from the beginning.” Qiu Luoyu looked at the little fox. “The sacred palace’s greatest function is to preserve the last bloodlines of the sacred clan.”

“You didn’t come here just to tell us this, did you?” Lu Yun interrupted.

“Of course not.” Qiu Luoyu took in a deep breath and continued solemnly, “I want the creation seed! I want to create the tenth sacred land in the chaos from that seed, one that will safeguard the bloodlines of us otherkind!

“I can’t be seen out and about, but neither can you, so we can help each other!”

Lu Yun’s expression turned a bit odd. Qiu Luoyu wasn’t the first person to approach him, that was the three-eyed man. However, he was only an ant in comparison to them right now.

“I ask you this because you’re a life form of the realms and one of the very few that can come to the chaos. I can only ally with you.”

Qiu Luoyu was using “you” and not “you two”. Plainly, the chaos realm little fox wasn’t worthy of his consideration.

“I’ve observed this place for a while and they say that a great expert of the chaos dragons is in residence here. That great expert is you, isn’t it?” Qiu Luoyu continued before Lu Yun responded, “We can work together, pretend to be great masters, and take that creation seed!”

“What’s in it for me? What do I get out of this?” Lu Yun asked instead.

“If a tenth sacred land appears in the chaos, it has to ally with your worlds. Even if your realm swallows the chaos, we can still live in your worlds. Currently, the experts of the the chaos are all thinking of ways to destroy you. If a tenth sacred land appears…”

“If a tenth sacred land belonging to you otherkind appears, the six sacred palaces will immediately ally against you. They’ll raze you to the ground so thoroughly that not even dust will remain,” Lu Yun interrupted Qiu Luoyu. “Let’s talk about practical things, like how to have her ascend to creator realm as soon as possible without negative aftereffects.” He pointed at the little fox and continued, “Additionally, I want the last dao palace. If you can agree to these terms, we can consider working together.”

“Have her become a creator?” Qiu Luoyu jumped with shock. “She’s just broken through to chaos realm. Under the caveat of not creating any lasting effects for her, she can’t possibly ascend again anytime soon. Not unless she swallows the creation seed.”

His expression was a bit unsightly. “But I can snatch the dao palace for you. I don’t dare provoke the sacred clan, but I can still afford to antagonize the nine sacred lands.”

Tremendous confidence flashed through his face.

Lu Yun turned around and looked at the little fox. He wasn’t that interested in the creation seed as that thing would only bring a manhunt from the nine sacred lands after obtaining it. He just wanted to use it to make a mess of things and throw the chaos into disarray. However, he hadn’t anticipated that not only would the six sacred palaces fail to send a representative, but that the legendary sacred clan couldn’t be bothered with this either.

The strongest master he’d seen thus far was Qiu Luoyu in front of him.

The more he thought about the three-eyed man’s proposal to steal the sacred palaces, the more he thought it was pure wishful thinking. So he had to be content with second best and settle for obtaining the last dao palace.

The little fox was right. If they’d been in the world of immortals, no ordinary cultivator could’ve stolen his Mount Xuanhuang.

“I can handle my cultivation and I can also make the decision for him. We’ll help you get that creation seed if you bring us a chaos star without any laws of the chaos in it.” The little fox suddenly turned back into a snow-white fox and jumped onto Lu Yun’s shoulder. “A chaos star with no laws in it and the sixth dao palace. The seed will be yours then!”

She spoke with such utmost certainty that Qiu Luoyu and Lu Yun both looked at her, surprised.

“Are you so sure? My condition was just that you help me get the creation seed, not that you have to procure it for me. You’re quite bold to say that it’s mine already.” Qiu Luoyu almost burst out laughing.

“I say it’s yours if you can meet those two conditions!” the little fox repeated.

“Alright then, wait here for me. I’ll be right back.” Qiu Luoyu turned around and left.

“Aren’t you just lying through your teeth?” Lu Yun asked her with resignation. 

He could only deduce the general picture of what a creation seed was because this thing was too terrifying. The six sacred palaces hadn’t appeared yet because it wasn’t yet mature; members of the sacred clan would surely pay a visit when it was ripe.

“This is the next best step for our current situation!” The little fox rolled her eyes at Lu Yun. “The first one to use a creation seed and break through to creator realm was my master!”

“Your master? …Hongjun?!” Lu Yun’s eyes went wide.

Using a creation seed to break through to creator realm was the biggest waste there possibly was, and that asshole of a bastard had been Hongjun??

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