Chapter 1017: Ladder

“What are you doing here?” Lu Yun was in close communication with the Bridge of Forgetfulness and it would materialize as soon as the newcomer made a move.

Though the eyes didn’t seem to be poised for action, Lu Yun could deeply sense just how terrifying the entity was. It was unquestionably stronger than a creator!

“I’m… just here to take a look.” Only two eyes hovered in the void, its owner didn’t materialize with them. They looked down quietly upon Lu Yun, Qing Yu, and the little fox.

Lu Yun frowned and didn’t say anything to that.

“Are you also a fox?” The little fox suddenly lifted her head and looked at the eyes. “I smell the scent of my kind from your presence. But a purple fox? We don’t seem to have any purple foxes among our kind.”

Pausing, the eyes faded away and vanished without a trace.

“What, why’d he leave?” The little fox looked around blankly in the void.

“Have you deduced anything?” Lu Yun looked at Qing Yu.

“He somehow has something to do with you… but he’s too strong, so I couldn’t figure out anything else. He shouldn’t mean us any harm,” Qing Yu concluded after a bit of thought.

“What’s this?” The little fox bounded over to where the eyes had appeared and picked up something in the void. It was a ladder the size of a palm, one that shimmered gently of purple light.

“A ladder?” Still confused, the little fox looked at Lu Yun.

“It’s an ultimate treasure of the chaos creatures!” Qing Yu’s eyes lit up when she saw the ladder. “This ladder can traverse space! We don’t have to waste time here anymore, we can immediately head to the sixth dao palace!”

She swiftly identified the tiny ladder when she saw it—a tremendous treasure of space. It was stronger than Mount Vastspace, though the mountain was a treasure of the human dao and thus fundamentally different from this ladder.

“Why is he helping us? A fox of the chaos?” The little fox didn’t understand what was going on.

“He’s always been helping us,” Lu Yun said. “He saved me from certain disaster once in Pangu’s tomb underneath Mount Buzhou, and he was the one to break apart hell at the end of human dao. Human dao wouldn’t have ended if its hell hadn’t fallen, and thus immortal dao would’ve never risen accordingly.”

The relationship between human and primitive great dao was one of succession and evolution, but the one between immortal and human dao was one of ruin and opposition.

“Violetgrave… should be on our side. He was the first one to transact with her, which makes him a force on our side too.” Lu Yun thought for a moment and summoned the ladder with a gentle beckon of his hand.

In that moment, he was astounded to find that the ladder had automatically recognized him as its master.

“What the?” It was his turn to be perplexed. “This treasure accepts me as its master? Do all treasures of the chaos have their own sentience like this?”

When he’d obtained Quietus, it too had automatically acknowledged Lu Yun to be its owner, but not to this degree. With the sword, he could only use his own strength as the foundation upon which to deploy Quietus. But with the ladder, he could call upon its entire strength with a quick shift of his mind and deploy its greatest capabilities. He wouldn’t even have to exhaust too much of his own strength.

This was his ultimate ace for self defense!

“Er… that can’t be normal?” Qing Yu was taken aback as well. This purple ladder seemed to be an ultimate treasure that was much more powerful than a normal connate treasure. It was almost on par with the Bell of Chaos! Would such a treasure so easily recognize a new owner? “Did that person do it? You were able to have Quietus answer to Tianqi too, right?”

Lu Yun inclined his head, but something still felt off. He and Tianqi were master and disciple, two from the same line of succession. Tianqi practiced Lu Yun’s Method of Life and Death and also possessed a Karmic Tree sapling. This was how he’d manage to have Quietus fully accept Tianqi.

But what was his relationship to that weird guy with the purple eyes? A fellow victim of once transacting with Violetgrave?

“You and the little fox should go,” Qing Yu suddenly said. “I’m just a Golden Immortal of Grand Unity and can’t help much. I’ll actually make things more difficult for you instead.” She called upon formula dao some more. “My best course of action is to stay here and wait for your return. The only thing I should do now is cultivate quietly in peace. The little fox and your opportunity lies on the other side of the chaos.”

Lu Yun opened his mouth, then shut it. He didn’t want to leave her here, but he knew to follow the results of her deduction. If she followed them to the other side, she would probably be met with grave disaster.

“Alright, you must be careful here by yourself.” He thought for a moment and opened his hand, materializing a palm-sized Bridge of Forgetfulness next to Qing Yu. He bared his teeth at the bridge. “You will protect your mistress well. I’ll reduce you to rubble if anything happens to her!!”

Shaking with terror, the bridge couldn’t find any words to respond with.

“You…” Lu Yun cut off Qing Yu before she could refuse.

“It’s alright. I subdued this bridge, so if I really meet with any danger I can’t handle, I’ll use all of my trump cards.”

Qing Yu finally relaxed when she heard this.

In the fourth realm, Lu Yun had deployed the Size Manipulation death art to its utmost so he could spontaneously ignite hellfire through his body. The Tome of Life and Death had become his nascent spirit, and he’d become so incomparably strong in the fourth realm that he could easily subdue the Bridge of Forgetfulness.

What Qing Yu didn’t know was that if Lu Yun did the same in the chaos, he’d burst right out of it!

The chaos accepted the Bridge of Forgetfulness, but a Lu Yun in that state would be outside the limits of its tolerance. Qing Yu wasn’t able to calculate this, and neither was Lu Yun about to tell his beloved.

With some thought, the little fox transformed back into a snow-white fox and jumped onto Lu Yun’s head.

“What, you don’t want to bask in the dignity of the dean of monster spirit dao?” Lu Yun rolled his eyes at his new head ornament.

“I’m observing propriety!” The little fox shook her head. “With Little Yu away from your side, what if you’re entranced by my beauty and engage in unseemly behavior?”

Qing Yu burst out in laughter while Lu Yun’s face spasmed with annoyance.


Lu Yun left very much at ease once the Bridge of Forgetfulness protected Qing Yu. She was right, what she needed was quiet cultivation and continuing to increase her strength through seclusion. She might be a great emperor by the time they returned!

The purple ladder stretched across two parts of the void. Though there was no concept of space within the chaos, the enormous ripples of space energy upon this treasure forced the concept onto the chaos.

The little fox and Lu Yun took the ladder to a brand new area, one that seemed much more like a real world compared to the chaos they’d been in before.

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