Chapter 100: The Fourth Envoy of Samsara


A fiery conflagration slammed into the Enneawyrm Coffinbearers, igniting and devouring the nine dead dragon lords and the pitch black coffin in an instant.

“It’s a layout as well!” Lu Yun’s face clouded over. From what he could tell, the Enneawyrm Coffinbearers had long since turned into a layout that could collect all things yin and evil beneath the skies. The corpses of the dragon lords had turned into dragons of extreme yin themselves.

What was buried in the coffin?

Who did that voice just now belong to?

The pillar of hellfire in the sky wavered in his moment of distraction and a giant bony arm probed out of the coffin, making a grab at the blood dragon Lu Yun had pinned to the ground. The blood dragon crooned in response and struggled to throw itself into the arm, its eyes shining with excitement.

“Back off!” With a wave of his hand, Lu Yun retrieved the Tome of Life and Death. Another burst of hellfire from the book shot out toward the skeleton arm.

Although he had an endless supply of power within the Gates of the Abyss, his lacking cultivation limited the variety of his attacks. He was attacking with only the fire’s raw power, instead of utilizing its many uses.

This was the most powerful fire in the world. It could torch anything and everything, and even refine karma. Nevertheless, the unusually powerful Enneawyrm Coffinbearers managed to withstand the fire.


Fire blasted the arm and reduced it into ashes. However, the hellfire in the air suddenly shrank in on itself as the Enneawyrm Coffinbearers vanished without a trace.

“That layout didn’t come in through the gates...” Lu Yun stared darkly at the jade-like white dragon skeleton that had been left on the ground. “The Enneawyrm Coffinbearers is a layout, and so is the blood dragon. There’s a mysterious connection between the two that connected the Gates of the Abyss to wherever the Enneawyrm Coffinbearers was. Now that the nine dragons have collected the blood dragon, the two spaces are separate again.”

The blood dragon was gone. The dragon princess’ body had served as its host, but it didn’t take the corpse with it when it left. Therefore, it was incomplete.

With the Dusk River Sacrament cut short, the blood dragon hadn’t yet come into its full power. If Lu Yun hadn’t let it out, it would still be trapped in the bronze outer-coffin and the netherwood coffin. And now, it had had no choice but to abandon its body and escape with only the layout that had given rise to its existence.

“Let’s hope that thing is too wary of the world behind the gates to descend in person,” Lu Yun muttered in the direction the blood dragon and the Enneawyrm Coffinbearers had disappeared in. “Fourth Envoy of Samsara, seek your place—”

He turned and barked an order at the pristine dragon skeleton on the ground. The Tome of Life and Death radiated with a faint glow.


The skeleton on the ground burst into flames, hinting at an alluring figure flickered in and out of existence within the fire.


With a strike of her palm, Xuanxi knocked out Zhao Dianliang, the only other man here. The fire dissipated, revealing a completely naked girl.

She was very tall—even barefoot, she was still half a head taller than Lu Yun. Her body was lovingly molded, slim, but curvy. Not even the finest sculptor could spot any flaws. She was perfect the way she was.

Crimson locks ran down to her hips, highlighting the stark contrast with her snow-white skin. A thin red line marked the space between her eyebrows, adding a fey touch of seduction to her.

Looking at her face made Lu Yun dizzy. He’d only met two people who could rival her beauty—the male-projecting Miao and Qing Yu.

“The dragon princess sure is well-rounded.” Yueshen lowered her head after closely observing the girl’s breasts, feeling inadequate in comparison.

“You’re young, you still have time to grow.” Yuying offered reassurance despite her faint jealousy as well.

Yueshen pouted. “I’m several thousand years old....”

After a moment of silence, the envoy deadpanned, “I’m talking about your breasts.”

Yueshen wanted to cry.

“Fourth Envoy of Samsara Aoxue greets the master.” The dragon princess knelt down, her long crimson hair pooling on the ground. Having previously been a blood dragon had left her with some of the creature’s features.

Lu Yun gulped, then looked away with great difficulty. His envoys’ clothing had all decayed to tatters after their deaths. Their resurrections were a true rebirth, delivering them to the world as naked as a baby.

Fortunately, they’ve all been stunning women. If I make a man my envoy in the future, I’m gonna get an eye infection. He twisted his body uncomfortably at the possibility that he might see a stark naked man kneeling in front of him one day.

“At ease,” he said with a wave of his hand.

Aoxue rose to her feet, her incredible assets jiggling a bit. Lu Yun felt his nose start to burn.

“Your Highness!” Xuanxi flung a chiffon robe over Aoxue to cover her figure.

“Xuanxi.” Aoxue flashed Xuanxi a stunning smile when she saw the river god. “You and I are both our master’s envoys now. Address me as princess no longer.”

“I understand.” Xuanxi nodded.

After becoming Lu Yun’s envoys, both the dragon princess and her old subordinate were left behind in the past. There was no need to bring them up again.

“Xuanxi is too oblivious,” grumbled Feinie. “Didn’t she notice that our master’s eyes were glued to Aoxue? Why would she put clothes on her?”

The dragon princess blushed. Aghast at her mistake, Xuanxi reached out and yanked the chiffon covering off Aoxue.

Lu Yun had absolutely no earthly idea what to say about the situation.


The governor’s manor was completely rebuilt.

Originally suffused with yin energy, the manor was now prosperous and lively after its reconstruction. Rather surprising was the addition of an enormous willow in the main courtyard.

This was where Lu Yun had killed Old Willow from the Skandha Range. The tree spirit’s body had been broken into pieces, but they’d grown anew. He wasn’t too concerned, as long as it didn’t disrupt the feng shui of the manor.

Ah, but I can use this tree to recreate the feng shui layout back in the sect’s headquarters. Lu Yun suddenly recalled his sect back on Earth. There’d been an unknown layout centered around a thousand-year-old willow. When he’d entered the sect, though, the tree had been dead for centuries. Even he didn’t know what power the layout possessed.

“Let’s give it a try!” He looked at the tree with great enthusiasm.

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