Mythical Era: My Evolution into a Celestial Beast

Mythical Era: My Evolution into a Celestial Beast

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Meeting at the Summit of Jade Peaks
Joash & Salps
Above the firmament, a giant Kun, stretching thousands of meters long, flew over the city, ignoring the barrage of missiles.
In Australia, an apocalyptic serpent, thousands of meters long, destroyed cities and devoured millions, leaving slowly after the detonation of several nuclear bombs.
In this perilous world, Chen Chu, who unexpectedly acquired the avatar of a six-horned salamander, felt somewhat bewildered.
What could a palm-sized salamander do? Record videos to gain traffic? Catch shrimps in a creek? Or... evolve into a colossal beast?
A six-horned salamander, also known as the six-horned dragon, with the ability of infinite evolution, was gradually evolving into a mythical apocalyptic beast.
Its body length extended to hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of meters...
And with the characteristic of synchronized enhancement, Chen Chu's own body also grew stronger, with increasing power and speed, and even...

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Transmigrating to a mythical world with various mutated beasts is not something that happens to everyone. Especially not when you also have a six-horned salamander that possesses the power of evolution. Being thrown into this situation, Chen Chu embarks on a journey of true martial arts to reach the pinnacle of strength. 

~ Novel summary written by Salps and Joash:

Messages from the translators of this novel:

Hi, I’m Salps! If you enjoy anime like Jujutsu Kaisen or sci-fi action films like Pacific Rim and Transformers, this is the novel for you. This modern-day novel will take you through a world of mythical creatures, epic battles, cultivation, martial arts, and superhumans. 

Hello, Joash here! As someone who has translated a number of Wuxia novels, I can confidently say that Mythical Era: My Evolution into a Celestial Beast is one of the most interesting and fun novels to translate AND read. It boasts a phenomenal world-building and an engaging storyline that is different from other novels. While still encompassing basic wuxia concepts, it has a modern touch to it, making it a fantastic read.

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7 Reviews
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Bhelliom Rahl
7 days ago
Chapters Read: 12

Mix a little cultivation, transmigration, system, and pet and you get the foundation of this novel.

The premise is interesting, but not new. The MC has transmigrated to a different earth than his, one which recently experienced the return of spiritual energy, about 50 years before. With that, the world has developed differently from his earth which appears to be more technologically advanced, alluded to by the fact it had levitating cars.

His new life sees him entering High School where he starts to learn True Martial Arts, what they refer to cultivation as.

He is not a genius, maybe not even average but has three advantages a System, an innate ability that has split his soul between himself and a pet salamander, and the salamander having an evolution ability through devouring.

What is interesting is that he has made a friend but has not encountered any arrogant young master or mistress who vows to crush him and his family, which is quite refreshing.


The pace of the story is not bad, there is a lot of information coming out but I like that as it is helping to develop the world and set the scene for what is to come.

There has been some character development and several of the characters do appear to be interesting and I am looking forward to seeing how they develop.

The novel is well-translated with good editing.

But as with most Chinese Fantasy Novels you need to read 100 chapters to know if you will like it or not but I have enjoyed what I have read so far and intend to keep with it.

9 days ago
Update 70 chapters in. It’s simple and interesting, I’m really enjoying it. The world is expanding nicely and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

6 chapters in and I like it. The story throws you right in and the mc adapts abnormally quick to be being in a new world but thats not really a bad thing. I think the world nowadays has so many stories of people going to another world that adapting quick wouldn’t be too hard especially because this mc goes from a modern world to another modern world with a twist. This world has mythical creatures and beasts and some kind of cultivation energy has appeared to combat them. Honestly it has not gone into it too much just yet. It has potential and I’ll definitely champion the novel should it have the option to do so. Will update at maybe 30-50 chapters. Looking forward to following this novel. I am maybe a bit biased because I have always loved beast cultivation novels with evolutions. Honestly the mc’s human body could die and just leave his beast body and I wouldn’t mind. But looking to seeing where the author is going with the mc having the two bodies.

5 days ago
Fun story, well written and translated. I'm definitely looking forward to more, as it has a lot I've liked in other similar modern or near-future fantasy stories with a system and steady but not outrageous growth, and always eager for the next progress. I read the negative review here about info dump, and I honestly almost feel like he read a different story? The early chapters seemed well-balanced to me between info learned from a new friend and at school and progress on exploring the system and growth. Overall, I recommend the story and hope the author doesn't lose the thread after a hundred or two hundred chapters like so many do, tumbling into too OP too fast, or extreme misogyny, or just random plots that get forgotten too fast. Fingers crossed!

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