Chapter 999 – Burn the Body

Chapter 999 – Burn the Body

Lin Ming completely relaxed his body as he focused his mind on resolving every wisp of fire energy and then absorbing them. Every one of these Laws was different, but combined together they faintly painted a picture of the complete Great Dao.

“I understand now… although the Fire Laws are incomparably mysterious, their essence is comprised of elements of the tiniest Laws. These tiny elements are like the imperceptible particles that form all of creation, and yet are extremely simple. According to the texts of the Divine Realm, there aren’t many types of these tiny particles that form all life, but when combined together they can actually evolve into infinite shapes and varieties, forming the 3000 boundless worlds. That is the charm of Laws.”

In that moment, Lin Ming could faintly feel the mysteries and Laws of the world. Although there were only a small number of these tiny particles, they were able to form the vast and boundless universe. In this universe there were celestial bodies, there was space and time, there were mountains, rivers, lakes, birds and beasts, bugs and plants. There were mortals without the strength to chop a chicken and there were martial artists that could move mountains and churn seas. The endless vicissitudes of life, all of the world’s laughter, anger, sorrow,...

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