Chapter 998 – Training Within the Hells of Flame

Chapter 998 – Training Within the Hells of Flame

“Humph, who cares if he provokes me? It isn’t that I fear any bet, but that I do not like others using me as a betting stake! Even if I know I will absolutely win, I still won’t agree to such a ridiculous proposition! Just because I am a girl doesn’t mean I am a pet nor am I an object, so why would I allow anyone to use me!? Even the Patriarch of the Ancient Phoenix Clan cannot do that!”

Yan Littlemoon coldly said. Her words were not spoken with a true essence sound transmission, but loudly shouted out for everyone to hear. She contemptuously looked at Lin Ming and said, “Lin Ming, I’ll make my own bet with you! If I lose to you, then I’ll be your slave for the rest of my life, so how about it?”

Lin Ming’s eyes twitched. He chuckled in response and said, “I have to say that I definitely won’t agree to something like that. Moreover, I think Miss Yan has misunderstood the situation. I certainly wouldn’t take Miss Yan as a betting stake; that is simply a joke of Elder Sun. And most importantly… I already have two wives, but they are living within the lower realms for now.”

Sun Cyprestar shook his head as he heard Lin Ming speak. This Lin Ming was really ruining his own stage. However, he was indeed just casually joking around to fluster Chu Redcloud, he didn’t...

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