Chapter 997 – Dare

Chapter 997 – Dare

Bet Yan Littlemoon?

All the Phoenix Cry Palace disciples felt their jaws drop as they heard Sun Cyprestar say this. They were all left staring dumbfounded. Just who was Yan Littlemoon? She was someone with a perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline. She was a proud daughter of heaven that stood out amongst all proud daughters of heaven!

If one could make love to Yan Littlemoon, then that truly would be a wonderful event!

Without discussing Yan Littlemoon’s top class appearance and figure, just her perfect Ancient Phoenix bloodline would be a massive lucky chance to the man who took her primordial yin!

In the Ancient Phoenix Clan, if a man and woman had sex then their bloodlines would supplement each other. When Lin Ming was at Divine Phoenix Island, this was also the case. Mu Qianyu and Mu Bingyun were both Saintesses of Divine Phoenix Island, and they possessed pure vermillion bird and blue luan bloodlines. The person...

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