Chapter 995 – Hells of Flame, Second Level

Chapter 995 – Hells of Flame, Second Level

They had penetrated 8000 miles deep into the Hells of Flame. This was a terrifying depth. Here, not only were the temperature and the fire origin energy heavenly winds terrifying, but the immense pressure from the thick fire fog pressed down on them. As it grinded against the martial artists’ protective true essence, it emitted crackling sounds like a millstone.

“Guard your mind and do not blindly use force to resist it. You must use your understandings of Laws to withstand it; this will be greatly beneficial to training and tempering your true essence!”

Sun Cyprestar said as he continued flying downwards. An 8000 mile depth was a distance that even the disciples of Phoenix Hall were finding hard to resist.

9000 miles!

The several disciples who had entered Phoenix Hall only by virtue of their connections finally had their protective true essence burst open. Because one robed youth had exhausted all his energy he directly fainted on the spot. In the next moment, he was wrapped up by the blue-green flame energy of the Ruby Sovereign and was sent to a safe minor dimension.

In the last 1000 miles, the difficulty rapidly shot up. More and more Phoenix Hall disciples found that they couldn’t continue onward...

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