Chapter 993 – Phoenix Heart Blood

Chapter 993 – Phoenix Heart Blood

When a martial artist broke through to the Divine Transformation realm, their body would begin to transform from a spirit body to a divine body. At this time, their fires of life would greatly strengthen and their lifespan would massively increase. Their aging process would slow down and the potential of their life would also improve.

A Life Destruction martial artist over 100 years of age would find it hard to break into the Divine Sea, but a Divine Transformation martial artist over a thousand years old still had a chance of entering the Divine Lord realm. A 10,000 year old Divine Lord martial artist could even increase their cultivation by small boundaries during the Divine Lord realm. The only problem was if they wished to cultivate to a higher realm.

Sun Cyprestar had already lived for over 20,000 years and he had been stranded at the middle Divine Lord realm for 10,000 years now. 3000 years ago, he had started the preparations for refining the Phoenix Heart Pill. Gathering all of the materials for making the Phoenix Heart Pill wasn’t easy. By himself, it was nearly impossible to complete the collection, especially when it came to the rarest and most valuable medicinal ingredient – the arctic ice immortal stamen. For Sun Cyprestar, his only chance of being able to afford that ingredient was if he sold the Heaven...

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