Chapter 992 – Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron

Chapter 992 – Heaven Eclipsing Cauldron


Lin Ming harshly coughed as he stood up on the spirit ship’s hull, his complexion was pale. He used his senses to quickly investigate his body and discovered that he didn’t have any serious wounds. With his regenerative power and some pills, he would be able to restore himself to normal condition in a quarter hour.

Although he had failed in his attempt a moment ago, Lin Ming actually gained a great deal of harvests. His comprehension of the Concept of Creation had deepened, and he could faintly feel that converting the destructive fire energy into blue energy was the elementary form of the Blue Lotus Domain.

In the end, he would have to understand Laws on his own in order to form the most solid foundation. Although the Heretical God Sprout was able to swallow the fragments of Fire Laws, Lin Ming was only able to passively use what it absorbed; he wasn’t able to perceive the truths behind it. This was just like giving Li Ming a good crossbow. Although he could use it, he wouldn’t be able to create his own. In the future, if he needed a more formidable crossbow, it would be impossible for him to make his own. This was because he never understood the principles behind it from the beginning.

On the road of martial arts, he had to lay down the most stable foundation he could. Otherwise,...

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