Chapter 990 – Hell of Fire

Chapter 990 – Hell of Fire

As the blue-clothed man spoke, several Firebird Hall disciples carefully flew out from range of the spirit ship’s protective array formation. They desperately urged their protective true essence to the limit, but in the violent fire origin energy, their protective true essence shook and creaked, seeming like a bubble that could burst apart at any moment.

They all had Life Destruction realm cultivations; there was not a single Divine Sea martial artist among them.

This was because besides Phoenix Hall, all three other halls only had rookie disciples attending the Ancient Phoenix smelting trial. The senior disciples no longer had any value in raising, and all junior disciples were required to be younger than 33. In the Divine Realm, a martial artist could be considered the cream of the crop if they could cultivate to the early Divine Sea by the age of 33. In Phoenix Cry Palace, nearly all of these disciples were gathered at Phoenix Hall. All other hall disciples were at the eighth stage of Life Destruction or below.

In fact, most Firebird Hall disciples didn’t even have the ability to step into the eighth stage of Life Destruction; it was already excellent if they stepped into the Divine Sea with a seventh stage Life Destruction cultivation....

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