Chapter 989 – Fire Spirit Star

Chapter 989 – Fire Spirit Star


The spirit ship broke through the barriers of the great dimension that Phoenix Cry Palace was located within and arrived in the primary Atlas World. The spirit ship crossed through space and activated the great void shift.

In order to travel through a primary world of the Divine Realm, one had to use the great void shift. If they didn’t, it’d take tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of millions of years to fly from one end to another.

The spirit ship flew higher and higher. Quickly, the primary world’s hundred thousand feet high mountains and hundred mile wide rivers turned vague, shrinking to little particles of dust. Even so, the primary world’s main continent was still endlessly broad. The size of a primary world was difficult to measure even when using trillions of miles as a unit.

Lin Ming stood at a porthole and watched the endless void within the heavens of Atlas World, deeply shocked. Although he had already looked through jade slips for a brief introduction of the Divine Realm, he was still shocked by its vastness as he witnessed it with his own eyes!

The great worlds of the Divine Realm not only included the primary world, but also the greater space that surrounded it as well as the countless celestial bodies in this space.

Before, when the spirit ship underwent a great void shift just now, they had already...

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