Chapter 988 – The Smelting Trial Begins

Chapter 988 – The Smelting Trial Begins

“Thank you, honorable master!” Lin Ming happily said, overjoyed. After opening the Gate of Opening, he couldn’t wait to perceive the Concept of Fire.

“Lin Ming, for you to open the Gate of Opening to this degree is your lucky chance; grasp it tightly. Your achievements in Concepts and Laws weren’t high to begin with. You can rely on the Gate of Opening to make up for that weakness,” Fairy Feng slowly said. In truth, Lin Ming’s understandings of the Fire Laws could be considered at the pinnacle of the Sky Spill Continent. But in comparison to the geniuses of the Divine Realm’s Ancient Phoenix Clan, he was merely ordinary.

“The Ancient Phoenix smelting trial will begin in only half a year. This smelting trial will have many opportunities for you, but the competition will be equally intense. Not only will there be disciples from our Phoenix Cry Palace, but also disciples from Praying Phoenix Palace and Charming Phoenix Palace. At the same time, there will also be Divine Transformation realm disciples that will come out from their seclusion and participate. They have been meditating on the Laws, and their understandings of Fire Laws will have risen to another level. Although your talent is good, it’s still impossible for you to obtain first place amongst those Divine Transformation realm disciples....

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