Chapter 987 – Enhanced Perception

Chapter 987 – Enhanced Perception

As Lin Ming realized this, he began to vigorously guard his mind. A silver gray spear-shaped battle spirit shot out from between his eyebrows and smashed into the void!


With an explosive sound, countless cracks appeared where the spear-shaped battle spirit struck the void. These cracks spread out at a speed faster than light, spreading through countless galaxies. The entire universe shattered like glass and completely broke apart!


Lin Ming screamed out. It felt as if what collapsed in front of him was not the universe but his spiritual sea. It was like his soul and mind shattered alongside the universe as an indescribably pain wracked his very essence. His head felt as if it were splitting apart!

“Was I wrong? Was there a mistake?”

Was that just now not my heart demon, but my spiritual sea that I personally destroyed?

This thought flashed through Lin Ming’s mind. For the briefest of moments his heart wavered but he immediately rejected this idea!

“My battle spirit is my will, a spear of will that is bred from within my spiritual sea. My will would only destroy illusions and lies. How could it possibly harm my own spiritual sea?

“Break! Break it all!”

Lin Ming loudly shouted into the void. His spear of will grew endless millions of miles, then came smashing down like a cosmos splitting...

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