Chapter 986 – Opening the Gate of Opening

Chapter 986 – Opening the Gate of Opening

After Saint’s Will was swallowed up by the Magic Cube, Lin Ming studied it all day to no avail. Finally, he gave up on his investigation and started to perceive the jade slips Fairy Feng had left him.

In this jade slip, the Concept that was narrated was the third Concept of Fire – Creation.

When things reached the extreme they would turn around. What lay behind annihilation was creation.

The explanations Fair Feng gave for the Law of Creation had no text; they were nearly all explained with images. Between every two images was a spell. One had to comprehend the previous image to be able to look at the next one.

The first image was that of a blue lotus. The blue lotus grew on top of a flaming red rock, and lava surged all around. The rock was heated to a terrifying degree and it looked like a hell of heat. But the blue lotus that grew above the red rock was actually filled with vibrant life, jade blue and luscious.

“Blue lotus, Blue Lotus Domain.” Lin Ming knew that some extremely talented geniuses who understood the Concept of Creation to the highest degree could form the Blue Lotus Domain. This was one of the many kinds of phenomena.

A domain would form a self-contained space. As long as someone entered, they would be suppressed...

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