Chapter 984 – Movement of the Magic Cube

Chapter 984 – Movement of the Magic Cube

Ever since Lin Ming took the Phoenix Blood Spear from Saint Artifact Pavilion, many disciples were stimulated by it. They trained hard, hoping to test their luck at Saint Artifact Pavilion. Although they didn’t expect to take a top grade saint artifact, even taking a low-grade saint artifact was enough.

This was similar to when in the world of mortals someone who ran into some luck and found a nugget of gold in the fields. Other people wouldn’t care about whether or not they would have the same luck and would rush toward that same field to dig it up.

“What? 1000 phoenix cry seal marks is enough to enter Saint Artifact Pavilion, so why are you charging us 2000?” Several new disciples scowled at Song Baifeng. They had worked hard in order to save up 1000 contribution points each and they came to Saint Artifact Pavilion to test their luck. But the result was that they were blocked by Song Baifeng before they were even able to pass through the door.

Song Baifeng proudly rode on his fire lion, looking down on these new Life Destruction realm Firebird Hall disciples with an authoritative air. He looked over these new disciple as if they were toads, thinking to himself, “Humph, these fellows want to come and take...

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