Chapter 983 – The Gate of Opening Which Enhances Perception

Chapter 983 – The Gate of Opening Which Enhances Perception

“Thank you Senior Fairy Feng.”

Lin Ming bowed to Fairy Feng. He would carve down this graciousness in his heart. Lin Ming was aware that he encountered numerous lucky chances in the lower realms. But compared to the top geniuses of the Divine Realm, lucky chances like the Sorcerer Pagoda in the Southern Wilderness or the adventure through the Demon God Imperial Palace could only be considered ordinary at best.

In this situation, every step he took had to be incomparably solid if he wished to shine bright in the future. Otherwise, he would exhaust his potential and fade away. If that happened, discussing something like chasing the peak of martial arts would simply be a fanciful dream.

“Lin Ming, do not call me senior. From now on, I shall receive you as my secret disciple. Would you be willing?”

“Secret disciple?” Lin Ming was slightly surprised. Generally speaking, a secret disciple was one of the lower ranks of disciples; it wasn’t even an ordinary disciple. They would rarely receive any guidance. He certainly wouldn’t turn down the offer of being Fairy Feng’s disciple, but how could it only be a secret disciple?

Fairy Feng guessed Lin Ming’s thoughts. She said, “Although I will accept you as a secret disciple, I will help train you with everything I have. Being a secret disciple is only a title in name. I can already faintly feel...

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