Chapter 982 – Perfect Dantian

Chapter 982 – Perfect Dantian

Fairy Feng’s seclusion chamber was located underneath Fengxian Palace. The entire chamber was built from saint artifact level material and it was also supported by an array formation. Even if there was no one specially managing it, it was still able to withstand a barrage from a late Divine Lord boundary master.

In the center of this chamber was something that looked like a giant egg. Lin Ming was about to ask what it was when Fairy Feng wrapped him up in red light and they both entered the giant egg.

“This is…”

Lin Ming looked at his surroundings with shock. The walls were a deep red and they were incomparably thick. As he pressed on them, he could feel that the walls were highly elastic, pulsating as though they had a life of their own.

“This is a wall made of flesh and blood?” Lin Ming asked with some disbelief.

“Yes, this is a flesh and blood dao womb an ancient supreme elder created by using the body of a catastrophic great beast. I obtained it during a treasure hunt in a mystic realm. It is a spirit artifact level treasure. However, this flesh and blood dao womb cannot be used to attack the enemy because it does not have any striking power. It can only be used to train during seclusion. If you cultivate...

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