Chapter 980 – Phoenix Plume Blood in Hand

Chapter 980 – Phoenix Plume Blood in Hand

Huo Yanguang was beaten up by Lin Ming so bad that over half his blood vessels had burst apart. Victory and defeat were already decided. The leading Hall Protector came down from the air and glanced at Huo Yanguang. He sighed.

He was a genius amongst the juniors of the Huo Family Clan. Without mentioning his background, the resources he enjoyed were far superior to those of a common disciple. He had formed a 12 mile origin energy cloud that covered his entire residence and withstood the baptism of the Heavenly Dao, surprising the entire Phoenix Hall. His limelight was unmatched, and even some Divine Lord Elders of Phoenix Cry Palace were disturbed.

With such a story, today should’ve been the greatest and most celebrated moment in Huo Yanguang’s life. Today should’ve been the day he carved the confidence and belief of victory into his bones, and used this power to overwhelm Lin Ming and win the Phoenix Blood Spear. He would’ve really been a chosen pride of heaven with a great destiny gathered in his body. With his four level layered heavens ninth stage Life Destruction as well as the immense destiny placed on him, his future achievements were infinite.

However, fate always made fools of men. Huo Yanguang had lost, and he had lost in such a miserable way that he couldn’t be any more...

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