Chapter 979 – Can Only Be Described As Miserable

Chapter 979 – Can Only Be Described As Miserable

Blue Lotus Domain’s force field was like a fragile shell of sugar that cracked without end. In just 1% of an instant, Lin Ming’s spear already reached the front of Huo Yanguang’s chest.

The spear light hadn’t arrived yet but Huo Yanguang could already feel that he was covered in some sort of strange space. He could not feel this space and he could not see this space, but he knew that it existed. As he was stuck in this space, he felt as if he were caught in a quagmire. It immensely shocked him!

“What is this!?”

With Huo Yanguang’s experience and knowledge, how could he possibly recognize the grandmist space? He only thought that this was some sort of strange space. His energy, his body, and even his soul came under a great suppressive pressure. The movement of energy in his body was blocked, and his meridians and even his heart were overwhelmed, finding it hard to withstand. His protective true essence nearly broke apart!

“Phoenix Blood Spear, phoenix true blood!”

Lin Ming loudly shouted out as he combusted the blood of the Ancient Phoenix in his body. He thrusted his spear straight toward the point between Huo Yanguang’s eyebrows. In that moment, a dark blood red...

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