Chapter 978 – Overpower

Chapter 978 – Overpower

The first level of the Fire Laws was Burning Heat; that was the foundation of all Fire Laws and also the most basic attribute of fire.

The second Concept was Annihilation; that was the manifestation of fire’s strength. The ability to destroy all and to burn away all of existence!

However, when things reached the extreme, they would return to the opposite. Once annihilation reached the extreme, it would actually become creation!

From flames flaring from nothing, that was creation.

From flames starting out weak and becoming a raging inferno, that was creation.

When a spark touched upon the grasslands and set the entire world ablaze, that was also creation.

When fields of rice grew from the ruins made by flames, producing a greater, more abundant harvest, that was similarly creation.

A star itself was a massive burning fireball. Underneath the shining light of the sun, all lives thrived; that was creation.

Even in human history, because fire saved men from ignorance, mankind finally became prosperous and gave birth to a glorious martial arts civilization.

Fire could destroy all life but it could also breed all life. When a wildfire blew through a forest, it gave birth to new growth in spring. After annihilation there was creation!

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