Chapter 977 – Third Level of the Concept of Fire

Chapter 977 – Third Level of the Concept of Fire


The black flames and scarlet storm riotously exploded. The black flames disappeared into nothingness, but only 70% of the scarlet storm melted away. The remaining 30% shot toward Huo Yanguang!

This was only a single spear strike from Lin Ming but Huo Yanguang slashed out three times. The difference in quality between the two top grade saint artifacts could be seen with just a glance. In terms of the saint artifact’s strength alone, the Blackfire Blade was completely suppressed by the Phoenix Blood Spear.

“Great spear. The Phoenix Blood Spear itself has such might, if it were to fall into my hands, just how powerful would it be!” Huo Yanguang moved, his feet shifting like a fast rabbit in the high grass. His speed was surprisingly fast and highly flexible. It was unknown what movement technique he used but it was no worse than Lin Ming’s Mystic Lightning Shade!

Huo Yanguang’s figure erratically danced through the scarlet storm, flitting back and forth. His body became a series of afterimages that dodged all of the Phoenix Blood Spear’s attack.

“Ghostly Firefade Steps! I didn’t think that Huo Yanguang practiced the Ghostly Firefade Steps to this level! He really is a genius!”

“You’re wrong. Huo Yanguang’s Ghostly Firefade Steps hadn’t reached this level of exquisiteness...

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