Chapter 976 – Glory of the Phoenix Blood Spear

Chapter 976 – Glory of the Phoenix Blood Spear

Lin Ming looked at the solemn and sanctified Nirvana Altar that exuded a thick killing intent as a feeling of respect was born in his heart.

The so-called nirvana was to break past the shackles of life and death and achieve true liberation. However, true nirvana was nothing but a legend. A Divine Lord realm powerhouse was a god to an ordinary person, but they too would die.

All of these buried weapons had already lost their spirits and were in states of decay. These saint artifact weapons had once cut down powerhouses, but they inevitably weren’t able to resist the decay of the years. Saint artifacts had a lifespan, and artifact spirits also had a lifespan. In the legends, the phoenix was able to bathe in the fires of nirvana and be reborn, immortal and inextinguishable. However, a phoenix was...

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