Chapter 973 – To Provoke and Ignore

Chapter 973 – To Provoke and Ignore

The dining tables of Phoenix Hall was carved from fire spirit jade and very wide. When the five youths sat down, it didn’t seem crowded at all.

Two of them had red hair. Red hair was the symbol of the Huo Family Clan. Only direct descendant juniors of the Huo Family Clan with a rich bloodline had red hair. When Lin Ming encountered Huo Family Clan juniors at Timeworn Phoenix City in the lower realms they hadn’t had such blazing red hair.

As for the others, Lin Ming had seen them before. They were following behind Huo Yanguang before and were disciples that latched onto the Huo Family Clan.

The red-haired youth leading them looked at Lin Ming. As he saw Lin Ming polish off the noodles and the spirit bird bone soup, he smiled and mockingly said, “You really are a martial artist from the lower realms. You even eat like a beggar.”

“Haha, haven’t you eaten in the last three days? You ate all the soup and even licked your bowl off cleaner than my family’s dog would.” Another follower disciple echoed.

They all came here to stir up trouble. Their attitude, posture, and words all conveyed a signle message to Lin Ming: ‘hit me, why don’t you hit me’.

According to the rules of Phoenix Hall, private fighting between disciples was forbidden. If one wished to fight they had...

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