Chapter 972 – Making Enemies

Chapter 972 – Making Enemies

“Sir Huo, we can’t let things end like this. That Lin Ming is far too rampant!” Next to Huo Yanguang, several disciples that weren’t part of the Huo Family Clan shouted out. They joined the Huo Family Clan with the status of non-family disciples. In the Ancient Phoenix Clan, the competition was fierce. It was difficult for a martial artist of common origin to succeed here, and even if they managed to obtain some lucky chances, they might even be killed for their treasures.

In the world of martial artists, a man’s wealth was his own downfall. This was the simple truth. In order to seek protection and also more resources, common martial artists had to join prestigious families.

These disciples that joined the Huo Family Clan certainly had to flatter Huo Yanguang. They became the butt of the joke in front of so many witnesses, and now they were gnashing their teeth in hate.

“Humph, I will avenge this insult sooner or later.”

“Sir Huo, how about this, you can apply for a top grade saint artifact from your family clan. With Sir Huo’s status, I’m sure that it isn’t impossible to borrow one. When you have a top grade saint artifact, you can battle with Lin Ming and openly and honestly win his Phoenix Blood Spear while slapping him across the face.” A non-family disciple suggested on a whim. He felt this idea was quite good.

However, he didn’t...

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