Chapter 971 – You Only Have Yourself To Blame

Chapter 971 – You Only Have Yourself To Blame

Arousing interest was inevitable. Lin Ming didn’t care about the eyes of these disciples and began listening to the lecture in peace.

He already expected that the disciples of Phoenix Hall would ask him questions, and the more notorious amongst them would have ideas of taking his Phoenix Blood Spear just like Huang Yuegong. Lin Ming didn’t bother with them. He closed off his mind, refusing all of their true essence sound transmissions.

“This brat, I wanted to ask him about the details but who would’ve thought he’d be so decisive as to refuse all sound transmissions. It’s impossible to speak to him.”

“Fifth stage Life Destruction, that is the third lowest cultivation in our Phoenix Hall. Besides a Revolving Core disciple called Huo Shaoyan and a second stage Life Destruction martial artist from the Xiao Family Clan, the lowest would be him. Let’s wait and take a good look at just what ability he has. Although the Saint Artifact Pavilion’s artifact spirit is known for having ruthless judgement, I don’t believe that it could accurately see through the secrets of heaven to predict the growth of talent with so many variables as well as look at one’s potential. Well, at least not every time. If Lin Ming’s strength is found to be inferior, it’ll be a good show when he is expelled.”

The disciples discussed amongst themselves. Geniuses tended...

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