Chapter 970 – Top of the Storm

Chapter 970 – Top of the Storm

“Fairy Feng, you wish to arrange this fifth stage Life Destruction baby into Phoenix Hall?” As Lin Ming and Fairy Feng received Phoenix Hall status token, the old man in charge of registration frowned. He suspiciously glanced at Lin Ming. The old man was the First Vice Hall Master of Phoenix Hall, surnamed Sun, with a Divine Lord realm cultivation.

“His foundation is solid enough but his cultivation is simply too low. Unless a Life Destruction martial artist is at the ninth stage, they cannot enter Phoenix Hall.”

“Is that right? I know that although Phoenix Hall has rules stipulating disciples needing to be at the ninth stage of Life Destruction or Divine Transformation realm to join, there are some martial artists from great families that can join during Life Destruction or even the Revolving Core realm. Those with a deep background and proven potential can be made an exception to enter prematurely.”

Fairy Feng’s words exposed Old Man Sun’s tricks. But Old Man Sun was not embarrassed. Instead, he smiled and said, “Yes, you said that one needs to come from a great family and have great potential, but is this boy from some wonderful background?”

Old Man Sun sized up Lin Ming. Lin Ming had just entered the Divine Realm and his true essence...

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