Chapter 969 – Fairy Feng’s Summon

Chapter 969 – Fairy Feng’s Summon

“The Phoenix Blood Spear is a peak saint artifact quenched in Ancient Phoenix blood. It was the most magnificent treasure in Saint Artifact Pavilion and yet someone’s managed to take it away! It’s been within Saint Artifact Pavilion for 36 years already!”

In Phoenix Hall, the matter of the Phoenix Blood Spear being taken instantly became the hottest topic. 36 years wasn’t anything to a Divine Lord realm powerhouse, but to the young disciples of the Vermillion Bird Hall and Phoenix Hall, it was a good portion of their life. There were even some disciples that weren’t even 30 years old. Moreover, the disciples of the Vermillion Bird and Phoenix Hall were in a constant competition with each other. If a top grade saint artifact were to fall into the hands of a fellow competitor, that was something they certainly had to be cautious of.

“What a pity. Us Phoenix Hall disciples can take two saint artifacts at most from Saint Artifact Pavilion. I only took one saint artifact because I wanted to save my last pick for the Phoenix Blood Spear. I thought that spear would definitely be mine, but now I missed my chance!” A spear wielding disciple regretfully said.

If he could obtain the Phoenix Blood Spear, not only would his strength...

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