Chapter 968 – To Cause a Stir

Chapter 968 – To Cause a Stir

Phoenix Cry Palace had their own strictly enforced sect rules. Although Phoenix Cry Palace, and even the entire Ancient Phoenix Clan, had their own struggles with intrigue and infighting occurring behind the scenes, the assassination and ruination of talented disciples, and even the murder of others to steal their treasures, had to be done in private; they could not be publicly shown. The reputation of the sect would otherwise suffer irreparable damage. On the surface, the Ancient Phoenix Clan’s rules could not be violated by anyone.

Saint Artifact Pavilion forbade private battles inside, and the disciples of Phoenix Cry Palace were absolutely forbidden from killing each other over treasures.

Saint Artifact Pavilion’s artifact spirit was equal to a Divine Lord realm master. Although it didn’t have a physical form, it could still manipulate the various great arrays in Saint Artifact Pavilion. As it appeared this time, it immediately suppressed the energy within the disciples present.

“Huang Yuegong, the two lackeys behind you were the first to start a fight. According to the palace’s rules, they will be locked away for a thousand years! Do you have any objections?”

The artifact spirit icily said. As Huang Yuegong heard this, he almost turned and stormed away. His lackeys were...

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