Chapter 967 – Ready to Fight

Chapter 967 – Ready to Fight

“Junior-brother Lin, don’t listen to him!” Jun Yunrue was afraid as she saw Lin Ming appear as if he were listening; she thought he might think of switching sides to being one of Huang Yuegong’s subordinates and thus be on Xiao Jiuyang’s side. She quickly said, “You cannot believe Huang Yuegong’s words; he is lying to you!”

“Hey, Junior-apprentice Sister Jun, you can eat anything you want but that doesn’t mean you can speak however you want. How are my words lies? Of the three great family clans, no matter which one, all of them have countless members from the outside. If we want to develop we certainly can’t rely on just our own members. If Junior-apprentice Brother wishes, I can immediately bring him to see an Elder of my Huang Family Clan.” Huang Yuegong’s voice was cold. Although he wanted to obtain Jun Yunrue as a toy and helper, compared to a top grade saint artifact she was nothing at all.

“Huang Yuegong! Junior-apprentice Brother Lin is my Honorable Master Fairy Feng’s person. With Honorable Master, who would dare to move against her!”

“Fairy Feng? How hilarious!” Huang Yuegong shook his head, snickering.

“If there was not Fairy Feng, Lin Ming might have some safety. But because of her, Lin Ming...

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