Chapter 966 – Talent and Treasure That Arouse Envy

Chapter 966 – Talent and Treasure That Arouse Envy

The moment that the source strength left behind by the old Palace Master fused into the Phoenix Blood Spear, Lin Ming felt an intense familiarity, as if this spear became part of his flesh and blood.

He obtained the approval of Saint Artifact Pavilion and now the Phoenix Blood Spear also recognized him as its master, connecting to him through heart and soul.

“What a strong source strength! There’s even such pure blood of the Ancient Phoenix. I wonder just what boundary the old Palace Master was. Although he cannot be compared to the Patriarch of the Ancient Phoenix Clan, he should still be a heaven-shaking existence, someone with a cultivation even above Senior Fairy Feng. Since he is someone that can forge a spirit artifact, it is my good fortune to be able to obtain a wisp of his source strength.” Lin Ming said to himself.

The stone tablet that stabilized the eye of the great array formation within Saint Artifact Pavilion was left behind by an old Patriarch of the Ancient Phoenix Clan. But the source strength that was absorbed into the Phoenix Blood Spear was left behind by the old Palace Master.

While a Palace Master was certainly inferior to a Patriarch, source strength was something consumable, whereas a stone tablet could continue existing in perpetuity. After hundreds of millions of years, the...

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