Chapter 965 – Blinding Spear Light

Chapter 965 – Blinding Spear Light

Huang Yuegong smiled as he watched Lin Ming stare at the Phoenix Blood Spear. He leisurely swung his fan and thoughtfully said, “There’s no need to keep looking. That top grade saint artifact isn’t easy to obtain. You can only look but you can’t touch.”

“Hehe, boy, continuing to look is useless. One of them will be our young master’s sooner or later. However, a brat like you should already be proud to have even a tiny fraction of our young master’s talent.” A lackey spouted with a pompous tone.

Lin Ming ignored him and continued to look at the sky.

The lackey saw that he was being ignored and angrily said, “You little shit, I am speaking to you! Are you deaf!?”

There were some people with a strong sense of slave mentality and self-esteem. They would happily wag their tails in front of their masters,...

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