Chapter 964 – Saint Spear in Hand

Chapter 964 – Saint Spear in Hand

Lin Ming felt a burning heat in his dantian. The Heretical God Sprout was wildly swallowing up the fragments of the Great Dao that Xiao Daoji left behind. These fragments all contained the comprehension that Xiao Daoji held toward the Great Dao of Fire. For Lin Ming to perceive them was certainly difficult, but for the Heretical God Sprout, there wasn’t any problem at all.

Every fragment was caught in a boiling flow of energy and pulled into the Heretical God Sprout. They formed runes upon the Heretical God Sprout.

The numerous fragments of the Great Dao Laws constantly inscribed new symbols onto the Heretical God Sprout. The symbols slowly creeped together, gathering until a new bud slowly popped up from the crown of the Heretical God Sprout. It slowly grew larger until a young and tender leaf unfurled.

At this point, the Heretical God sprout had five leaves. Three thunder-attribute leaves and two fire-attribute leaves. Every one of them had their own special characteristics. The color and shapes were all completely different from one another.

The first flame leaf was shaped like a crimson heart of fire.

The second thunder leaf was long and narrow, keen like a golden sword.


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